College students, you can win free cookies for 4 years

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Whether you’ve already gone to college or you’re in class right now, you’re probably well aware of the stress of college life — and the lack of sleep that plagues students.

Studying at all hours, worrying about exams and committing to too many social events can all cause insomnia, which is a real problem when your whole goal is to be rested and refreshed for class the next day.


That’s why Insomnia Cookies, a company that delivers cookies, cakes and ice cream right to your door, has an exciting treat in store for college students. From now through Sept. 30, insomniacs are invited to enter a sweepstakes for the chance to win free “cookies for college.”

Translation: Free cookies for four years!

The winner gets one free cookie every day for four years. You can choose to actually eat one every day or save them up for when you’re in dire need of some sugar. While the cookies won’t actually help you sleep, they will fuel your sleepless nights while you cram for exams.

For your chance to win, just head to the Insomnia Cookies website and enter your information. The grand prize winner will be announced in October, along with 10 other entrants who will receive $100 gift cards. You can read the official rules by visiting their website.

Insomnia Cookies

If you’re looking for food to actually help you get some shut-eye, a low-calorie ice cream called Nightfood claims to help people sleep better.

The ice cream does not include melatonin or any other sleep aids, but it also doesn’t include things that cause you to lie awake in bed, like caffeine, sugar, lots of fat and calories.


Will you be entering Insomnia Cookies’ sweepstakes for a chance to win free cookies?

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