7 clever ways to use a steam cleaner

steam cleaner for cleaning

Steam cleaners tackle big messes without harsh chemicals. While carpet steam cleaners and steam mops are tough on dirt, handheld steam cleaners are superstars in the “most versatile” category. They can blow grime out hard surfaces and crevices that can speed up the cleaning process.

This makes steam cleaners one of the best tools on the market to give you a sparkling kitchen or bathroom, removing mold and mildew with the push of a button. But did you know they can do so much more than that? Get creative with your cleaning with these clever ideas.


Before you start, keep yourself safe. Be sure to wear shoes while using an electrical steam cleaner, and always unplug it before refilling the water or swapping out attachments. Steam will still expel from the nozzle even after the trigger is released, so don’t accidentally point it at a plant or a surface that can’t take the heat at any time during use. Be cautious when placing it down after use, too.

Banish Streaks

Do streaks on mirrors and glass doors drive you mad? You’re in luck. Steam cleaners won’t leave you with frustrating streaks. Just be careful not to clean a glass window on a very cold day as the cold-hot combo can cause the glass to fracture.


Clean Around the House

Hit the standard go-to spots like kitchen countertops, bathroom grout, sinks and toilets, but you can also use it to clean shower and patio door tracks and the exterior of appliances. Baseboards, ceiling fan paddles and HVAC grates are easy-to-steam spots around your home where a steam cleaner can work its magic. Even silk plants could benefit from steam.

Disinfect High-Traffic Kid Zones

Strollers, playpens, high chairs and toys can be breeding grounds for germs. The steam will remove harmful bacteria without leaving any chemical residue for little fingers to touch.

Freshen Up Outside

From cleaning grills to golf clubs to garden tools and tire rims, steam cleaners can be used on a plethora of different outdoor items. It can also breathe new life into dingy patio furniture.

Keep Your Household Healthy

Steam clean cabinet handles and doors to help prevent the spread of colds and flu. Disinfect bacteria and viruses on cutting boards, water and ice dispensers and stove tops, too.


Remove Wallpaper

Speed up your next home restoration project by using your steam cleaner to remove your wallpaper. The heat and steam will release stubborn glue, allowing you to peel the wallpaper off.

Clean Candle Smoke Stains or Mildew Off Painted Walls

Before you repaint a room, use your attachment with a cloth covering to filter the steam as you wave it over mildew or candle-smoked-stained areas.

Stay away from unsealed or freshly painted surfaces. Don’t use your steamer on delicate fabrics, where the steam could harm the thread. Most importantly, when approaching a surface for the first time, try a test spot in an inconspicuous area.

If you’re looking for the best steam cleaner, opt for one that will work for all your floors. Heat and water can be harmful to certain types of wood floors.

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