You could be eligible for money from a $45M class-action battery settlement

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Did you buy a laptop, cordless power tool, camcorder or other lithium battery-powered item between the years 2000-2011? If so, you could be eligible for money from a $44.95 million lithium-ion battery settlement.

Here’s the gist: People who bought products containing lithium-ion cylindrical batteries filed a class-action lawsuit. They alleged that a handful of battery makers fixed prices on their products.

“Individuals and businesses may have paid more for certain products which contained these lithium-ion batteries,” according to a website explaining the settlement.

The case involves things like computers, power tools, camcorders and their replacement batteries. In short, if you bought one of the defendants’ products, you may have paid more for certain products that contained the batteries.

The battery makers have agreed to settle the suit for $44.95 million—and a chunk of that money could be yours.

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How much money could I get?

Since the purchase period is super long (11 years), and there are likely thousands of people eligible for the settlement, you may not get rich from this lawsuit. But hey, every little bit counts, right?

You should also know that a judge has to approve the settlement, so it could be a while (read: months or years) before you actually get paid. Here’s what the lawyers in the case wrote on the settlement website on this topic:

This amount is not known until all claims are received and the court approves the final settlement. Since the total settlement payout is a fixed amount, the payment amount that you receive will be based on several factors, including: The number of valid claims filed by all claimants; AND the count of products purchased by all claimants.

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What’s this all about?

The following battery manufacturers are the defendants in the case:

  • LG Chem, Ltd. and LG Chem America, Inc. (“LG Chem”)
  • Hitachi Maxell Ltd. and Maxell Corporation of America (“Hitachi Maxell”)
  • NEC Corporation (“NEC”)

The product categories include:

  • Laptop PCs, notebooks, Netbook computers
  • Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, digital audition player, cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Cordless power tools
  • Replacement batteries for any of these products

To read the full legal notice, visit the settlement website.

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How do you know if you’re eligible?

You must have been a resident in the United States from Jan. 1, 2000 to May 31, 2011 and you must have purchased one of the products covered in the settlement for yourself or your business. Purchasing something for resale does not count.

When submitting a claim, you first need to select the category of the product you purchased. You’ll choose from four categories: computers; mobile phones, cameras and audio players; camcorders; or cordless power tools.

Next, you’ll select whether this is an individual claim or business claim. Then you’ll enter the number of products you bought.

You’ll fill out your name, email address, phone number and zip code. Then click submit! You don’t need a receipt or some form of proof that you made the purchase.

To submit a claim online, you can visit the settlement website. If you would prefer to send a claim in the mail, you can download the form here and mail it in.

Dates To Make The Claim

The claim period began on April 11, 2017 and ends on Nov. 29, 2017. If you submit a claim, you can expect payment between February and March 2018. The amount of money you will receive depends on the number of valid claims filed and the amount of products purchased.

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For more information, visit the settlement website’s frequently asked questions page or call 1-855-730-8645.

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