If You Ate At Chipotle Recently, Check Your Bank And Credit Card Statements

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Despite the deliciousness of its burritos, Chipotle seems to be having a rough time lately.

The burrito-maker is still trying to bounce back from the E. coli outbreak of 2015. Now, the company says its payment processing network has been hacked.

If you ate at Chipotle between March 24 and April 18 (and you didn’t pay with cash), now is a good idea to check your bank accounts and credit cards for any unauthorized activity. That’s because Chipotle “recently detected unauthorized activity on the network that supports payment processing for purchases made in our restaurants,” according to a statement from the company.

If you paid with a debit or credit card, this could affect you.

Chipotle says it’s still investigating what went wrong and can’t provide any further details on the incident. But, the company also said they’ve implemented “additional security enhancements,” if that makes you feel any better.

“We anticipate providing notification to any affected customers as we get further clarity about the specific timeframes and restaurant locations that may have been affected,” according to the Chipotle notice.

Chipotle advises checking your bank statements and notify your bank or credit card provider immediately if you see something funky.

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