86,000 Of These Child Backpack Carriers Were Recalled For A Scary Reason


This is probably any parent’s worst nightmare.

You buy a backpack carrier so you can take a walk or a hike with your child on your back. But what if the carrier doesn’t do its job and your child falls to the ground?

That’s exactly what happened to one family, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. A child fell from a Osprey backpack carrier which resulted in a skull fracture. Another child fell from the carrier which resulted in scratches on his or her head.

Osprey is recalling 86,000 backpack carriers sold in the United States and Canada after receiving four reports of children falling through the carrier’s leg openings.

Recalled Product Details

Here are some details about this recall:


  • All models of Poco, Poco Plus, Poco Premium child backpack carriers
  • Carriers were manufactured between January 2012 and December 2014
  • Three colors: Romper Red, Koala Grey and Bouncing Blue
  • Recalled carriers have a production date code of S12SBPR1, S12SBPR1B, S12SBPR2, S12SBPR3, S12SBPR4, F12SBPR1, F12SBPR2, S13SB IPO, S13SBPR1, S13SBPR2, S13SBPR3, S13SBPR4, F13SBPR1, F13SBPR2, F13SBPR3, S14SBPR1, S14SBPR2, S14SBPR3, S14SBPR4, S14SBPR5
  • Sold at REI and other outdoor stores, plus Amazon
  • Sold between January 2012 and December 2015
  • Sold for between $200 and $300

Contact Osprey

If you own one of these carriers, it’s best to stop using it immediately. You can contact Osprey for a free seat pad insert that you can use with the existing safety straps. This will strap your child safely into the carrier.

Here’s how to get in touch with Osprey:


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