Cheerios Will Give You Free Wildflower Seeds To Help You Save The Bees

Wildflowers Signal Comeback from Drought and Fires
Getty Images | David McNew

Notice something missing from that new box of Honey Nut Cheerios in your grocery cart?

It’s true: we’ve been ghosted by Buzz the bee, the iconic bee mascot that has long been fluttering about on the cereal’s boxes. Replacing that chipper honey bee is an eerie white outline.

The reason Buzz the bee went MIA on us is a good one, though. General Mills is using its famed mascot, who we know so well he pretty much has his own seat at our breakfast table, to get some buzz going about the bee shortage.

In short, our food supply massively depends on the pollinating acts carried out by bees. (This is what a grocery store’s produce section would look like if we didn’t have bees. Scary, right?)