This chart shows more than 200 ways to make money online


Worried about coming up short on next month’s rent? Panicking about how you’re going to afford going to six weddings this summer? Tired of doing complicated equations to stretch your salary farther than it wants to go?

A little extra pocket money is never a bad thing, but for most of us, it can be hard to come by. Unless you have a trust fund or a leprechaun friend, you probably aren’t regularly tripping over extra stacks of twenties.

It’s actually easier to earn extra cash than you might think, though. In fact, there are dozens—nay, hundreds—of ways to make money online, without breaking any laws.

To help illustrate all those opportunities, the good people at SurveySpencer created this very helpful graphic. It lists more than 200 different ways you can add some breathing room to your bank account without leaving the comfort of your desk.

Some of the options include freelancing (writing, designing, programming, translating and more), recommending products (through gigs like affiliate marketing or cost-per-action marketing), adding content to network sites and creating videos. The graphic also explores investing and lending, email marketing, paid surveys, blogging, flipping web sites and so much more.

It’s not just a list of ideas, though. The graphic also has the tools and advice you need to actually get out there and start earning. Each section includes an explanation of how it works, and a list of 5-10 resources to help get you started. The usual suspects (Amazon, Google Adwords) are all here, but there are also more obscure sites you might not already know about.

So, ready to find new ways to make some extra cash? Without further ado, here are more ways to than you’d likely ever need!


SurveySpencer connects people with paid survey opportunities, so it makes sense they’d be interested in this subject. Still, it’s nice of the designers to include other companies and industries beyond their own field.  Even if you hate taking surveys or video editing makes you cry, there’s definitely something on this list for you.

[h/t: Lifehacker]

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