Grab Converse sneakers for as low as $18 right now at Kohl’s

Nike To By Sneaker Rival Converse

All deals and coupons were valid at the time this story was published. If you’re reading this after they’ve expired, check our Facebook page or the deals section of our website  for more ways to save!

When you’re staring at your closet and there’s absolutely nothing to wear in there, you might as well throw on a pair of jeans, a comfy t-shirt and a pair of Converse sneakers.

Good news: Kohl’s has a bunch of Converse shoes on sale for men, women and kids right now. Not all Converse shoes are on sale, so keep that in mind when you’re browsing. Only select items are on sale right now.

Of course, sales like this often mean a retailer is trying to get rid of some inventory, so you likely won’t find your size in every color and style.

But it’s worth digging around to see if they happen to have a pair of high-tops you can’t live without in your size!

We found these deals online. It’s not clear if you’ll find these sale prices in Kohl’s stores—it’s best to call ahead and ask first.

Plus, the range of sizes and styles that your local Kohl’s has is likely to be different than what’s available online.

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In the meantime, you can get free shipping when you spend $75 or free shipping when you have your shoes sent to your local Kohl’s store.

You can also redeem your Kohl’s cash and YES2YOU rewards on these Converse markdowns.

Here are some of the deals we found at Kohl’s:

Class High-Top Converse For Adults

How cute are these tropical print high-top Converse sneakers?

They’re on sale for $18 (regularly $60).

Baby Converse Marked Down

If looking at these baby Converse shoes doesn’t cause you to melt, I don’t know what will.

This two-pack of “sneaker” booties is on sale for $11.25 (regularly $15).

Women’s Shoreline Shoes

These are like classic low-top Converse sneakers but with twist—they slip on easily.

Kohl’s also has low-top Converse marked down right now.

These shoes are on sale for $16.50 (regularly $55).

Women’s Tweed Shoes

These women’s tweed shoes are so fun—and they’re on sale for just $18 (regularly $60).

Toddler’s Shoes

Does your toddler need an adorable pair of Converse sneakers? Of course they do.

Check out these double-tongue sneakers that are on sale for $29.99 (regularly $60).

Kids’ Sneakers

These kids’ sneakers come in soar blue and fuchsia.

They’re on sale for $24.99 – $29.99 (regularly $35).


Save Even More At Kohl’s

Want to save even more at Kohl’s? Here are 12 ways you can save a ton of money shopping at Kohl’s.

1. You can spend less to earn Kohl’s Cash.

Most people think you get $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend, and the in-store signage says the same thing. But official store policy actually says you only have to spend within $2 of that $50 to score the Kohl’s cash. That means $48 is enough.

2. The loyalty program is awesome

Sign up for their Yes2You Rewards program and get 5% off of everything, all the time.

3. You can stack up to 4 coupons

That’s a lot of coupons. You can stack coupons in the following ways: One site wide coupon, plus two department specific coupons plus Kohl’s cash One site wide coupon plus three Kohl’s Cash But 4 is the upper limit.

4. Decode the price tags to know what kind of deal you’re getting.

Kohl’s employs a coding system on it’s price tags that you can easily figure out: BB = Bonus Buy BGH = Buy One, Get One Half Off PP= Product Placement: The sale price is fixed and not a percent discount S = Sale (for one or two weeks) A small square in the corner = Lowest price of the season

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5. You can use coupons AFTER a purchase

If you forget to use a coupon in-store you can simply take your unused coupons and purchase receipt to the service desk in the store. Acceptance of post-purchase coupons is usually decided on a story-by-store basis. is a little easier, you just have to email customer service and include the promo code with your order number, and presto, they’ll credit you.

6. Ship for free anywhere in the U.S.

If you use those in-store kiosks to order something, Kohls will ship your items anywhere in the U.S. for free. Bam!

7. You get a coupon for using the in-store Wi-Fi

Kohl’s wants you to use their Wi-Fi, so they’ll give you a coupon just for logging in. The amounts can vary, but hey, it’s free money. Woot!

8. If you tell them your e-mail address and your birthday, you’ll save even more

Sign up for the Kohl’s e-mail and they’ll give you 15% of your next purchase. Sweet! If you’re part of their rewards program, they’ll send you a bonus gift on your birthday every year. What’s not to love?

9. Kohl’s will pay you the difference if the price drops after you buy it

For up to two weeks after you buy something, Kohl’s will pay you the difference on something you already purchased if the item went on sale and the price dropped. Just bring in your receipt.

10. Know the best times to shop

Kohl’s rocks what they call “Power Hours” from 3 p.m Fridays to 1 p.m Saturdays where you can get 10% – 25% discounts.

11. The Kohl’s app is a powerful tool

The Kohl’s app (for Apple or Android devices) is a power-shopper’s tool of choice. You can scan in both your Kohl’s Cash and any physical coupons you have, check to see what new coupons are available and check your Yes2You rewards balance.

12. Kohl’s coupons can be used on clearance items.

That’s right. Something on sale for 70% off? Add a coupon to that sucker and spend even less!