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Create a stuffed animal clone of your pet

Cuddle Clones

Losing a pet is never easy, but having something to remember your animal by can always help a little. Instead of taking your deceased pet to a taxidermist — which let’s admit, is a little bit creepy, not to mention expensive — you can have the website Cuddle Clones create a custom-made plush animal to look exactly like your pet.

In fact, it’d be a great idea to do this now while your pet is still with you. Imagine the look on their face when meeting their stuffed animal twin! Plus, if you ever have to travel without your pet, you could always bring their clone along instead.

All you have to do is send in a few photos from different angles and Cuddle Clones will create a stuffed animal clone of your pet down to their exact dimensions. They even offer a full refund if you’re not in love with the replication.

Right now, prices start at $249 — 37% off the regular price of $399.

The results are so lifelike, we’re having trouble telling which cat is the real thing and which is the Cuddle Clone!

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Cuddle Clones

The site doesn’t just make stuffed animals: You could also get golf club covers, slippers and more — all sporting your favorite fur baby’s likeness. Just look at this dapper gentleman and his coordinating golf club cover!

Cuddle Clones

Golf club covers start at $299 and slippers will set you back $249, but there are plenty of other options tailored to any budget. Custom socks adorned with your pet’s face are currently on sale for $20.99 and pajama sets emblazoned with your furry friend start at just $37 right now. Or, for just $12, get a set of three custom golf balls with your pet’s sweet smile beaming back at you from each one — we love this idea for a Father’s Day gift!

You can find the purr-fect present for any pet lover in your life — or get them a Cuddle Clones gift card so they can choose for themselves!

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