Cake posts on Instagram are making some bakers rich

One scroll through social media and you’ll likely find a speedy video on how to make everything from the perfect drink to sip poolside to a decorated cake that looks almost too cute to eat.

The popularity of foodies; works of art is on the rise.

But while some just post photos of their delicious recipes simply because they enjoy it, others such as Chelsey White see it as a business opportunity.

White, a 26 year-old who resides in New York City and is a baker, uses Instagram to not only showcase the gorgeous cakes she makes, but to make money. And a good amount of it, too.

“I’m getting way more money from content creation than I was from cakes,” White told Bloomberg.

She didn’t elaborate on just how much she is making, but she told Bloomberg that she now earns more than what she made filling eight cake orders a week, and her cakes typically go for about $100 each.

With over 295,000 followers, it’s no doubt that White has a captive audience on Instagram—and businesses such as Food Network and AwesomenessTV are willing to pay to be a part of it.


We suggest you don’t look at White’s Instagram account when you’re hungry though, because you’ll likely start drooling when you see all of the unique and creatively decorated cakes she makes.

Her feed doesn’t just consist of photos though, as she’ll often post videos as well.


While it may look easy to create a 30-second video cutting into a six layer cake, the process for her to produce these videos is actually quite long.

Bloomberg reported that it takes her about four hours to bake, assemble, frost and decorate the cake for each video. The video is then edited down so it’s just the right length to post on social media. You know, because most people probably won’t stick around to watch an hour-long video of a cake being made.


White isn’t the only one cashing in on Instagram’s love for baking though. Just a quick search of the hashtag “Cake” and it’ll populate over 45 million photos that’ve been posted to the site using that hashtag. Even the more obscure hashtags, such as “Cakestagram,” has nearly 2 million posts associated with the hashtag.

Cookie artist Andrea Walters from Wichita Kansas also generates an income from Instagram. Her company, Andrea’s Oven has over 54,000 followers on the social media platform, which helped get her noticed by the Roundup Cookie Retreat and asked her if she’s be interested in teaching two baking workshops.


Another baker popular on Instagram, Ksenia Penkina, monetized her Instagram feed by offering online classes to her audience. She charges $147 a class and there are three different levels to choose from.


So if you’re looking to make a little extra cash on the side and have a love for baking, you might have just discovered the perfect little side hustle. If not, you can still enjoy these mesmerizing cake videos when you’re scrolling your feed!

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