Buy this PS4 Slim Bundle and Get The New Call of Duty For Free!

Worthwhile deals on video game consoles don’t come around very often. So sometimes you have the take the term “deal” a little loosely and throw money saving bundles into the mix.

Right now you can get a brand new PS4 Slim complete with two fantastic (and free) games for just $299.99! This bundle saves you an $120! Since you won’t have to buy Uncharted 4 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare separately from the console.


Uncharted: A Thief’s End is the fourth entry in the critically acclaimed action-adventure video games series and is exclusive to Playstation. It’s basically a modern Indiana Jones – the story takes you on globe-trotting adventures as treasure hunter Nathan Drake, on his quests to find the fabled El Dorado, the legendary city of Shambhala, and the final resting place of a massive treasure left by the pirate, Henry Avery. You can even get the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection on PS4 for 50% off at Amazon. That way you can catch up on the first three adventures of Nathan Drake before tackling Uncharted 4.


Even if you don’t play video games, I guarantee you’ve heard of the Call of Duty. Infinite Warfare is the latest game in the widely popular first-person shooter series. Not only has the game continued to improve in terms of graphics and gameplay. The series has really brought out some series star power, with the likes of Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris, Michael Keaton, and now Jon Snow himself, Kit Harrington, as the villain in Infinite Warfare. Call of Duty continues to bring in top Hollywood talent to voice and motion capture key characters in their story-driven campaign modes.


For just $299.99, you can get this fantastic PS4 bundle, that would normally run you $420 if you were to buy everything separately. It makes a perfect gift with the holidays right around the corner!