You can get a pack of 200 colorful hair ties for $3.87 on Amazon right now

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If you have little kids with long hair, you know it can be a constant battle to keep it neat and styled. And once you do get a ponytail or braid in their hair, they end up losing their hair ties by the end of the school day. That’s why you need to buy in bulk!

Fortunately, Amazon has a 200-count pack of colorful elastic rubber bands for just $3.87, or 2 cents each. They are on the smaller side, so they would work well for kids, and the variety of bright colors means you’ll have hair ties to match every outfit!

And there’s another hair accessory deal you’ll love if you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s and had hair long enough to put in a ponytail. I’m willing to guess you remember (and probably had many) scrunchies. The hair elastic wrapped in a variety of materials added color and flair to your hair and, of course, matched the colorful outfits of said decades.


Personally, I loved them simply because they don’t get stuck in your hair like plain hair ties and are much harder to lose, being bigger and brighter and more colorful.

Just like Caboodles and the original My Little Pony dolls, scrunchies are making a return. They were pretty cheap back in the day, and they still are — and they’re just about as easy to find, too. You’ll see them in the hair section of most stores and on Amazon, where you can buy a massive pack of them for an amazing deal.

You can get 45 velvet scrunchies right now on Amazon for just $8.55, or 19 cents each!  The pack has more than 1,300 five-star ratings, and they’re the No. 1 bestseller in hair elastics and ties.

While these would obviously be great just to add to your collection and wardrobe, with the holidays coming up, they would also make great stocking stuffers. Or, if you find the throwback to childhood style humorous, a White Elephant gift for any holiday parties you’ll be going to.


The pack includes 45 various colors, so while you might get the colors in the picture, there’s always a chance they may be different. The scrunchies ship free with Amazon Prime, and you can return them for free by sending them back to Amazon or taking them to your local Kohl’s store.



Will you be ordering some scrunchies to throwback to your ’80s and ’90s hairstyles or some colorful mini hair ties to keep your kids’ hair neat and tidy?

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