Here Are 7 Brands That Are 100% Made In The USA

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Take a look at the tags on your clothing, and you’ll find that hardly (if any) of them will say made in the USA. Your inexpensive, trendy clothing might look good on you and feel easy on your wallet, but it can come at a price. Making clothes overseas takes away job opportunities in the United States, not to mention that many of the laborers in other countries are actually children working to churn out clothing quickly at a low cost.

If you’re looking to do your part to support the economy and the designers who choose to do their work locally, check out these seven fashion brands that are 100 percent made in the USA.

1. Calle Del Mar

The brainchild of designer Aza Ziegler, Calle Del Mar is a womenswear line inspired by the California surf and skate culture of the 1960’s and 70’s. All of Ziegler’s pieces are knitted, sewn, and hand-loomed in Los Angeles by an independently-owned, woman-run factory, and she offers designs ranging from wave-covered sweatshirts to knit striped t-shirts and sparkly sequined dresses.

Calle Del Mar

2. Tanner Goods

If you’re in the market for some handmade leather belts, wallets, and other accessories, you’ll want to check out Tanner Goods. The brand is based Portland, Oregon, where all their products are handmade. They also source their materials as close to home whenever possible to create durable products that last a while.

Tanner Goods
3. Flynn Skye

Described as upscale, bohemian-chic, Flynn Skye is a women’s apparel and swimwear line designed in Venice and made in Los Angeles. Designer Amber Farr’s pieces are both funky and feminine, and they’re inspired by her free-spirited, young daughter Flynn.

Flynn Skye

4. Alden

Alden Shoe Company has been around for a long time—since 1884, to be exact. It’s the only original remaining shoe and bootmaker from New England, and they continue to make all of their products in Middleborough, Massachusetts. In addition to shoes, Alden also produces other fine leather goods like key chains and card holders.



ALEX AND ANI founder Carolyn Rafaelian was no stranger to jewelry design when she started her line. She was formerly an apprentice to her father, who opened his own jewelry factory in Rhode Island in 1966. Her brand of eco-conscious jewelry and accessories are crafted entirely in the United States using sustainable materials that are utilized and derived from eco-conscious processes.

Alex and Ani

6. Christy Dawn

Eponymous designer Christy Dawn offers whimsical yet sophisticated dresses that are made from deadstock (residual fabrics left over from the larger fashion houses). Her line is designed and produced in Los Angeles, where her seamstresses are paid a livable wage to focus on precision rather than speed.

Christy Dawn

7. American Giant

American Giant is a San Francisco-based company known for their hooded sweatshirts and other comfortable apparel and activewear. They use all American cotton farmers, ginners, yarners and sewers to create high-quality items, from their signature hoodie to dresses, jackets, sweatpants, and more.

American Giant

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