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The Best Yo-Yos For Newcomers And Lifelong Toy-Lovers

Last updated on March 29, 2023
Best Yo-Yos

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FETESNICE Handmade High-Speed Yo-Yo

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Handmade High-Speed Yo-Yo

This yo-yo set will turn your child into a professional in no time at all. Included with the yo-yo are 10 replacement strings, a three-finger glove, a u-shaped kk bearing and a waist storage bag. Since the yo-yo is made using aluminum and stainless steel, you can count on it standing up to many years of repeated use.

Overall Take

Full SetYou'll find this yo-yo comes in a choice of five colors, including blue, black and silver and red and green.

 Runner Up

Mudpuppy Height Adjustable Unicorn Yo-Yo


Height Adjustable Unicorn Yo-Yo

The first thing you'll notice about this colorful yo-yo is the adorable double-sided unicorn decal. Next is the durable wood construction, which will outlast any plastic option. Finally, parents will be able to adjust the height of the string to make the yo-yo easier for their child to operate.

Overall Take

Affordable PickThe budget-friendly price tag on this yo-yo makes it an excellent gift option for the little girl in your life.

 We Also Like

Yomega Brain Children’s Auto-Return Yo-Yo


Brain Children's Auto-Return Yo-Yo

A built-in centrifugal clutch ensures the yo-yo automatically returns to the hand after extending longer than usual, making it great for beginners. Available in a wide variety of colors, this yo-yo comes with two extra strings. The see-through plastic on one side of the yo-yo lets you catch a glimpse of how the clutch works.

Overall Take

Long SpinsThis yo-yo bills itself as the "longest spinning auto return," with a clutch that returns the yo-yo automatically once the spin slows.

 Strong Contender

MAGICYOYO V3 Aluminum Entry Level Yo-Yo


V3 Aluminum Entry Level Yo-Yo

This yo-yo features a responsive bearing, as well as an extra bearing for replacing the original and five replacement strings. The body of the yoyo is quality aluminum with a sandblasted finish to resist scratches and fading over the years. Although this yo-yo is great for beginners, it also allows you to do more advanced tricks, making it perfect ...

Overall Take

Durable BuildMade with quality 6061 aluminum, this yo-yo will give you years of reliable play.

Buying Guide

Even with all the technology we have today, yo-yos remain a classic staple of toy chests everywhere. Despite its lack of batteries and computer chips, yo-yos feature a design that’s surprisingly sophisticated, using a combination of energy and gravity to challenge players.

But technology has evolved the design of yo-yos over the years. Newer yo-yos incorporate more sophisticated bearings and even LED lights to make the experience more rewarding and fun. But the basic design of yo-yos hasn’t changed much. Every yo-yo has an outer shell that holds an axle and a string that spins around the axle.

One thing today’s consumers might not realize is that the design of a yo-yo varies from one to the next. Some are better suited to beginners, while others are ideal once you get a little more advanced in your play. There are even tricks you can do with a yo-yo, which may require a more sophisticated design.

Yo-yos started as wooden toys, but over the years, plastic became the standard. The weight and type of plastic may change from yo-yo to yo-yo, but it’s important to find one that’s comfortable in the hand. You can also find yo-yos made from metal, a durable option that also improves movement to give you flexibility.

What to Look For

  • When shopping for yo-yos, you’ll find the word “responsive” used with some. A responsive yo-yo returns easily to the hand when you pull up on it. This is great for beginning play. However, if you’re learning tricks, you’ll want an unresponsive yo-yo that lets the yo-yo “sleep,” remaining extended for longer periods of time.
  • Some yo-yos have a more sophisticated design that extends the string farther than usual before automatically returning the yo-yo to your hand. This can lead to a more gratifying experience.
  • Even the best-built yo-yo can suffer string damage, especially with excessive use. Many of today’s yo-yos come with some spare string and directions for replacing it if you ever need to.
  • Some yo-yos also come with replacement bearings to help you get it back in working condition if it ever stops being as responsive as it once was.
  • If you plan to get a lot of wear out of your yo-yo, you might want to consider looking for one with a scratch-resistant metal body. This will ensure that you won’t have to replace your favorite yo-yo after you’ve gotten used to the way it responds to your movements.
  • If you’ve already mastered basic yo-yo moves and you want to start on some tricks, look for a yo-yo that’s designed for intermediate and advanced players. The special build of these yo-yos makes them ideal for getting your moves down.

More to Explore

The exact beginnings of yo-yos isn’t known for sure, but a Greek vase dating to 500 B.C. in ancient China shows a boy playing with a toy that looks like a yo-yo. Yo-yos are believed to have been made from wood, metal and terracotta clay during that time.

Yo-yos first became widely popular in 18th-century Europe, but the yo-yos of today got their beginnings in 1920 in a California toy factory, where they were made from wood. Plastic yo-yos didn’t come around until the 1960s.

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