The best wreath hangers for your front door

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In the 16th century, northern and eastern Europeans who started the Christmas tree tradition began creating wreaths out of the branches that were trimmed off. Modern wreaths might not be made fresh off the tree, but they are a lovely custom carried on during the holiday season. Before decking your hall, wall or door with a gorgeous ring of pine and holly, make sure you have the best wreath hanger you can find.

Choosing the Best Wreath Hanger

It might not seem like a significant decision, but selecting the right wreath hanger can offer numerous benefits. First, it will ensure that your decoration doesn’t fall and become damaged. Second, a visually appealing wreath hanger will enhance your seasonal decor. In addition, various wreath hangers are designed for specific types of wreaths as well as where they will be hung.

For instance, if you plan to hang a wreath on your front door, an over-the-door hanger that can stand up to the elements makes good sense. For windows, mirrors and interior decorating, a magnetic, suction or adhesive hanger might be better suited. And for a substantially-sized wreath, it is necessary to find a hanger that can easily handle the weight.

Following is an assortment of some of the best wreath hangers available for a range of options.

Metal Wreath Hangers

If you have a tall front door, you might want a wreath hanger that is slightly longer. The Sattiyrch 15″ Wreath Hanger for Front Door is made from durable high-quality steel and the black tone complements any decor.

The Haute Decor Adapt Adjustable Length Wreath Hanger offers versatility, as you can slide it from 16.5 to 25 inches in height. The metal hanger holds up to 20 pounds, and soft pads on the back prevent scratches on your door.

This Sterling Metal Wreath Hanger will clear a 2-inch door thickness and hangs 12 inches from the top of the door. The flat black finish lets your wreath take center stage.

Made of sturdy steel, the GameXcel 15″ Wreath Hanger for Front Door is ultra-thin and suitable for doors less than 1.97 inches thick. This wreath hanger doesn’t require any tools and won’t scratch surfaces.

If you are dreaming of a white Christmas, the Anapoliz Wreath Hooks Door Hanger might be ideal. The hook is 12 inches long and will hold most wreaths with ease.

Magnetic Wreath Hangers

This Haute Decor Attract Magnetic Wreath Hanger is perfect for metal doors or other metal surfaces — or you can put two on either side of single-pane glass surfaces. The attractive hanger comes in multiple finishes, such as antique brass, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

Adhesive Wreath Hangers

The damage-free Command Outdoor Bronze Metal Hook lets you hang a wreath almost anywhere, with no worries about blocking windows or marring surfaces. With an attractive oil-rubbed bronze finish, the hook holds up to 5 pounds.

Suction Cup Wreath Hangers

This set of two Holiday Joy All-Purpose Giant Suction Cup Wreath Holders lets you adorn windows or other glass surfaces. Each holds up to 10 pounds and features an extra-large hook to hold wreaths without wire or string.

The Adams Christmas Giant Suction Wreath Holder is made for several smooth surfaces, such as windows, storm doors, mirrors and tile. With an extra-large hook and powerful suction, it is rated to hold up to 10 pounds.

With so many options from which to choose, you could hang a wreath in every room of your house!

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