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The Best Wooden Bedside Table

Last updated on March 16, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Wooden Bedside Tables

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WLIVE Fabric Drawers Wooden Top Bedside Table

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Fabric Drawers Wooden Top Bedside Table

Measuring 17.7" L x 11.8" W x 20.9" H, this lightweight bedside table is great whether you’re in an apartment, home, condo or dorm room. It features a rustic brown woodgrain print and two large drawers, ensuring it will work with almost any décor. The tabletop is large enough for a small lamp and a few nighttime essentials like reading glasses, ...

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThe lightweight build and rustic woodgrain print makes this bedside table suitable for a wide range of spaces.

 Runner Up

exilot Open Storage Minimalist Wooden Bedside Table


Open Storage Minimalist Wooden Bedside Table

With solid beechwood legs and a premium-grade MDF board top, this bedside table is a durable but lightweight addition to your bedroom furniture. The tabletop is scratch-proof and the legs feature nonslip rubber pads to protect your floors. It has an open-back design to give your devices easy access to power.

Overall Take

Easy to AssembleThis bedside table sets up in a matter of minutes, serving as a quick solution for your home or dorm room.

 We Also Like

Finnhomy Rattan Inlay Drawers Wooden Bedside Tables, 2-Pack


Rattan Inlay Drawers Wooden Bedside Tables, 2-Pack

Choose a single bedside table or a set of two with this option. The light wood is a great fit for a variety of décor styles, and the rattan-accented drawers offer plenty of storage space. The material is premium MDF board made to look like real wood, and the measurements of each table are 15.75" L x 15.55" W x 21.65" H.

Overall Take

Simple Design Light-colored wood with rattan accents gives this bedside table a streamlined but elegant look.

 Strong Contender

VECELO Iron Frame & Flip Drawers Wooden Bedside Table


Iron Frame & Flip Drawers Wooden Bedside Table

Spice up any space with this bedside table, which comes in a variety of styles. The two lower shelves have doors that flip down to provide access to what’s inside. The material is premium MDF board to offer an attractive yet lightweight addition to your bedroom furniture.

Overall Take

Extra Roomy You’ll get plenty of storage space in this bedside table, which has three shelves in addition to the tabletop.

Buying Guide

How well do you sleep at night? Do you wake up, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day? Do you find yourself lagging after lunch, wishing you had time to work in a nap?

If you’re not as well rested as you think you should be, it could have a little something to do with your technology use. The light emitted from electronics has been shown to affect the body’s circadian rhythm, which impacts overall sleep quality. If you spend hours on your device, leading all the way up to bedtime, you could find that you aren’t getting the quality of sleep you need to be fully functional during waking hours.

The answer to your daytime sleepiness could also have something to do with your device use throughout the night. If you keep your phone nearby and check it at various times, you probably aren’t getting the sleep you need. Set your device on a bedside table, in do not disturb mode, and program it so that emergency calls can still get through. You can even set up a list of people whose calls will be let through to ensure your kids or older relatives can reach you if there’s an emergency.

There are some other items to keep at your bedside to give yourself the best shot at a full night’s sleep. A glass of water comes in handy if you wake up with a dry throat in the middle of the night, while a clock can help you check the time if you wake up intermittently.

A bedside table is the best way to keep these essentials nearby. These come in a variety of formats, but if you choose one with drawers, you’ll be able to store even more items. Even a smaller table can have drawers and shelves that expand your storage space significantly, keeping everything easily accessible, whether you’re climbing into bed at night or you like to read or watch TV before drifting off to sleep.

What to Look For

  • Bedside tables come in a variety of styles. You’ll likely want to match your existing bedroom furniture, so this could limit your options. But some types of wood blend with a variety of décor styles.
  • Before investing in a bedside table, take a look at the space you’ll need to fill. You might find this limits your options to smaller or more narrow tables.
  • Solid wood can not only be pricy, but it also weighs down a bedside table. Many bedside tables are made from medium-density fiberboard with a veneer that gives it the same look as solid wood. This not only makes it more affordable, but if you ever need to lift it to move it, you’ll have an easier time. MDF is also a little more moisture-resistant than wood, especially if it has a veneer that’s designed to protect it.
  • Storage is an important feature of any bedside table. Some utilize the vertical space with shelves or drawers to give you a little extra room for items like books and device cables.
  • Assembly can be complicated with some bedside tables. Make sure you’ll get the instructions you need. You’ll also want to check to see if you need to have tools handy for putting your new table together.
  • Table legs can scratch certain flooring types. Some come with a protective pad at the bottom to reduce the risk of damage. If you have carpet in your bedroom, this likely won’t be as much of an issue as it would be with tile, wood or vinyl.
  • If you set beverages on your bedside table, make sure the materials of the furniture you choose can handle the water. You can use a coaster if the table you prefer might be damaged by exposure to moisture.
  • Chances are, at least one item you set on your bedside table will need electricity to operate. Make sure your bedside table is near a power outlet and that the cord can be easily slipped through the back of the table.

More to Explore

Bedside tables also go by the name nightstand, and that term dates back to the 1800s. An earlier term, “night table,” has been traced back to the 1700s. Early nightstands served the important purpose of holding chamber pots, which were portable toilets. These handy devices were essential in the years before indoor plumbing was a thing. If someone woke up in the middle of the night in need of a bathroom break, having a chamber pot next to the bed was a big convenience.

Interestingly, chamber pots didn’t disappear with the emergence of indoor plumbing. Indoor flush toilets lagged behind indoor plumbing by multiple decades, so there was still a demand for portable toilets. Over the years, the nightstands used to contain chamber pots became known by the name “commode,” and that term eventually became popular as an alternate word for a toilet.

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