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The Best Weight Plate Set

Last updated on June 14, 2023
Best Weight Plate Set

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XMark Texas Star Olympic Weight Plate Set

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Texas Star Olympic Weight Plate Set

This weight plate set includes two durable 45-pound plates. Each is constructed using premium all-natural virgin rubber, which is both tough and able to hold its color over time. The plates also feature precision tooled stainless-steel inserts, so you can slide them on and off your bar with ease.

Overall Take

Great for Home GymsImpeccable craftsmanship is what you'll get when you go with this weight plate set.

 For Olympic Weightlifting Bars

papababe 2-Inch Bumper Weight Plate Set


2-Inch Bumper Weight Plate Set

If you own a 2-inch Olympic weightlifting bar, you'll want to go with this amazing weight plate set. It utilizes a proprietary pure rubber formula for a low bounce. Unlike other rubber plates, this set is completely odorless, which is ideal if you have a sensitive nose.

Overall Take

Extremely DurableYou'll find this weight plate set is sold in a choice of 15, 25, 35 and 45 pounds.

 Made for Canopies

Quik Shade Canopy Weight Plate Kit

Quik Shade

Canopy Weight Plate Kit

Made for canopies, this set of four weight plates hold down tent and canopy legs, ensuring stability and safety. Each piece is made from heavy cement, coated with black polyester/plastic. They weigh 5 pounds each, so you can easily transport them. They are 7.6 inches in diameter and are disc-shaped with open slots that fit most brands of canopies.

Overall Take

Strong, Portable AnchorsKeep your tent or canopy in one place with these durable but transportable weight plates.

 Best for Micro-Loading

Micro Gainz Calibrated Fractional Weight Plate Set, 10-Pack

Micro Gainz

Calibrated Fractional Weight Plate Set, 10-Pack

This fractional weight plate set takes it a step further with even smaller plates for micro-loading weight buildup. They are made in the USA from strong metal with a black coat finish. The plates come in pairs of .25, .5, .75, 1 and 1.25 pounds, and you can add them together as needed.

Overall Take

Little Bits at a TimeImprove your ability to lift weights over time with this plate set.

Buying Guide

Bodybuilders and casual exercisers alike love free weights because they are so effective at increasing muscle size and strength. They are also adjustable, and you can add or remove weight plates according to your routine. They are usually affordable compared to weight machines, and they are also durable and long-lasting.

There are two basic kinds of weight bars and plates. Standard bars are 1 inch in diameter, and the plates for these have 1-inch diameter holes. Some experts recommend using “Olympic” 2-inch bars and plates that have corresponding 2-inch holes, since they may offer more quality and choices.

Weight plate sets come with different sized weights, materials and coatings. Most are round, but some have odd shapes, which could be dangerous if the weight is dropped and has to settle onto a flat surface. It is also important to have a spotter when using heavier weight plates.

The term “weight plates” may also be used to describe large, heavy anchors for canopies or tents. Typically, these resemble the weights you lift, but they have a divot on one side to accommodate the legs of a freestanding canopy. You may also be able to use weights meant for lifting to weigh down your outdoor gear, depending on the shape of each.

What to Look For

  • Even when the weights are the same, there is no standard size for weights, so a 5-pound plate from one company could look and feel different from another company.
  • Lower-cost weights are made from iron, which can be noisy and therefore unwelcome in a home. If not coated, raw iron will also rust. Look instead for weights that are coated with urethane or rubber.
  • Weight plates that are made with integrated handles or bevels can be easier to lift and load onto the weight bar.

More to Explore

Weightlifting is an Olympic sport, and it is hard to believe how much weight some athletes have lifted. According to the weightlifting site BarBend, professional weightlifter Paul Anderson was a one of the “strongest humans in history.” His stats include:

  • A 440-pound clean and jerk
  • A 930-pound back squat
  • A 628-pound bench press
  • A 6,270-pound backlift.

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