The best ways to store food container lids

Food storage containers and their lids are stored in a cupboard.

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We’ve likely all been met with a pile of food container lids of all shapes, colors and sizes when we’ve opened that one specific drawer in the kitchen. If you’re struggling to keep your cupboards in order and are wondering how to organize food storage container lids in a way that works for you, you’ve come to the right place!

We spoke with home organizing experts to find out their favorite methods for storing food container lids in their client’s homes and in their own kitchens, and they provided options for all sizes and budgets, for a fit that’s sure to work.

Read on for the best ways to store food container lids — you might even find a few ideas that won’t require spending a single cent!

Declutter For A Clean Canvas


Opening a drawer or cabinet to a mountain of lids can be so overwhelming, which is why Philly Neat Freaks owner Marlena Masitto recommends creating a clean slate by decluttering your cupboards before you even think about organizing. “As a professional organizer, I always recommend decluttering first before deciding on any storage solution,” Masitto says, of the various shapes, sizes and colors you might have on your hands. “Almost all of us have too much of everything! Once you have decluttered, you can then pick your storage.”

Tidy Up With Recycled Takeout Containers

A really easy way to keep your drawers orderly is to use containers whose lids are all the same size. Reset Your Nest CEO Jen Martin, points to the most affordable, same-sized containers a person could find. “I love using deli containers for food storage because they all have consistently sized lids,” Martin states. That’s right! The containers that last night’s egg drop soup came in are among the best for stacking and storing.

Lids and dishes of the same size are super easy to stack loosely in your cabinets, but if you prefer a designated space, Martin has a perfectly sized storage option. “This bin from mDesign stored them perfectly as well,” she adds. If you need to store more than just takeout lids, the line of bins comes in four sizes for the right fit and is offered as a single item, or in packs of two.

mDesign Plastic Stackable Kitchen Organizer

$20 at Amazon

Keep Your Lids on For Easy Reaching

To circle back to Masitto’s comment about having too much stuff, downsizing your food container cabinet, if possible, just might make for the most convenient storage option of all — or you can opt to just keep the lid on each container.

“I have two deep drawers, and have my containers stored with the lids on and stacked two high if needed,” she explains. “No searching or pairing is ever required. This allows me to stay on top of dirty dishes easily too.” There’s no need to always make a purchase when you’ve got a problem on your hands — sometimes, utilizing the space we have to work with can make for the best way to store food container lids.

Store Your Lids in an Existing Container

Riffing off of that tip, we always love using what we have on hand for a quick-fix solution. If you have a large food storage container, especially one that doesn’t get used all that much, you can always keep your lids inside of that. This will keep loose lids in one, contained place — and since everything will be in one sealed box, you’ll know exactly where to look when you need to find one, and you won’t have anything tumbling out when you open the door to that cabinet.

Look For Collections Designed to Store Food Efficiently

The chaotic jumble of lids is probably what makes sorting through them so tedious and time consuming, so Martin recommends keeping things simple by opting for food storage containers that are designed to work efficiently, stack easily and store food without the fuss.

“I love using the Rubbermaid brilliance line for food storage,” she says. “They are beautiful and clear, but the lids are also very easy to store.” You can certainly keep these sets clipped and stored together, but if you’d rather stack the containers in each other and find a separate place for the lids, Martin recommends revisiting that mDesign recommendation from earlier. “I store these lids vertically in a bin that fits the medium-sized lid perfectly.”

Food Storage Containers with Lids

$40 at Amazon

Divide Your Drawers With Panels

Of course, you can always divide your cupboards into sections without adding an entire bin. Masitto loves to keep things simple by using drawer dividers to store lids. “I prefer bamboo because they look great and I always like to lean in the sustainable direction,” she explains. “You simply line them in any drawer and stack the lids in between.”

We like the bamboo option below from Royal Craft Wood for their adjustable sizes, and their various color options of beige, gray, white and black. Worried about things getting messy within your newly created cubbies? Note this pro tip to find what you need in seconds. “If you place lids in ascending order, it’s much easier to locate the lid you need in a rush,” Masitto adds.

4 Pack Drawer Dividers Bamboo

$25.99 at Amazon

Or, Add a Pull-Out Drawer To a Cupboard

You can implement an easy kitchen upgrade by adding a pull-out drawer that’s designed for storing containers and their lids.

“Compartmentalized pull-out drawers are great for lid storage,” says Masitto. “Lids are less likely to get lost when you can pull that whole drawer out.”

Below is a great option from The Container Store recommended by Masitto. It’s made with epoxy-coated steel mesh that’s built to last and is fitted with handles to make lifting in and out of cupboards a breeze.

Elfa 5-Section Pull Out Easy Glider

$30.79 at The Container Store

Take Advantage of Vertical Space With an Organizer

Often, our cupboards contain so much vertical space that pretty much goes unused, unless you have a shelf built in. One of the best ways to store food container lids is to take advantage of that extra space and use it for stacking your lids — and we love the handy tool below, made specifically to keep your lids in one place.

“A cool product that can store your food storage lids vertically is the YouCopia lid organizer,” says Martin. “The sections are adjustable to accommodate different sizes and categories of lids.”

YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer

$19.99 at Amazon

The best way to store food container lids will depend on your space, your preferences and the number of lids you have, so keep all that in mind while you consider this list.

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