Here’s the best way to hide cash while traveling

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Part of traveling abroad means bringing cash with you. This is for a number of reasons like avoiding international credit card fees, not having to deal with bad exchange rates and being prepared for emergencies.

Even if you’re not leaving the country, taking a vacation usually means having a little extra money on you. But walking around with a wad of cash in your pocket is a terrible idea. While there are all sorts of money belts you can strap onto yourself, it turns out the best way to hide cash may be in a tube of lip balm. Seriously.

Maybe you’ve heard the “hide your cash in a bottle of sunscreen when you’re at the beach” hack, and the lip balm approach is in a similar vein—though this hiding spot does require a little more technique.

Hide Cash Securely In A Lip Balm Tube

All you need is a tube of lip balm like Chapstick (yes, really).

Twist the wheel to remove the actual lip balm as well as the plastic part that holds it in place. This hack works best if you fold the bills in half lengthwise before you roll them. Carefully roll the dollar bills. Then, slip them into the waiting tube. Place the plastic holder and lip balm back into the tube, trimming down the lip balm to accommodate the money inside.

Flickr | rmhowie
Flickr | rmhowie

While you can’t stash all your money this way, you can at least put a little aside. That way, if your wallet gets stolen, you’ll still have some cash to tide you over. Plus, your lip balm can stay safely at the bottom of your purse or deep within your backpack. If someone tries to pickpocket you, they definitely aren’t going to go for the ancient tube of cherry lip balm rolling around in the pocket of your bag.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to pull off this money trick. Watch the full video for some other handy suggestions on keeping your cash safe from prying hands and eyes.

Happy travels!

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