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The Best Water Shoes For Women

Last updated on October 10, 2023
Best Water Shoes For Women

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Our Picks For The Top Water Shoes for Women

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VIFUUR Rubber Soled Breathable Water Shoes For Women

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Rubber Soled Breathable Water Shoes For Women

This water shoe for women lets you go anywhere, wet or dry, and rest easy knowing that your feet won't stay wet for long. The thicker rubber sole pads the bottoms of your feet just enough to let you comfortably traverse any terrain. It also features a simplistic design that's easy to take on and off.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThis minimalist slip-on water shoe for women provides great value.

 Runner Up

NING MENG Lightweight Flexible Water Shoes For Women


Lightweight Flexible Water Shoes For Women

Available in 42 different colors, you're sure to find these water shoes for women in a shade that matches your swimwear. The shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear, as well as quick to dry once you leave the water. The rubber soles adds traction, so you don't have to worry about slip and falls.

Overall Take

Affordable PickWhen shopping on a budget, you'll find these water shoes for women hard to beat.

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WateLves Rubber Soled Water Shoes For Women


Rubber Soled Water Shoes For Women

Available in 44 colors and patterns, these water shoes for women have a simple and flexible lightweight design that will keep you comfortable. They are shock-absorbent and have a rubber sole that offers grip and protection.

Overall Take

Simple and LightweightWhether you want a solid color or fun design, these women's water shoes offer simplicity and flexibility.

 Also Great

Mishansha Rubber Sole Water Shoes For Women


Rubber Sole Water Shoes For Women

Featuring elastic laces, these sport-style water shoes for women make it easy to adjust the width to fit your feet. They dry quickly and are salt-resistant and breathable. You can choose from 45 comfortable, anti-slip color options.

Overall Take

Lace-Up StyleIf you're looking for adjustable women's swim shoes, these offer a sporty design with good water flow and ventilation.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re concerned about stepping on rocks on the beach or just want some extra grip when you do activities in the water, women’s water shoes can help protect your feet — especially if you’re transitioning often from water to land. While styles can vary, water shoes usually come in the form of mesh or neoprene slip-on shoes that might resemble slippers with plenty of coverage. They’re convenient to put on and take off and many fold up when you’re ready to put them away.

When shopping for women’s water shoes, you’ll find that the upper part is made of a fabric that’s breathable, flexible and lightweight. The material used is designed to drain water while you’re wearing them and may also dry quickly for convenience. The fabric can come in solid colors as well as lots of fun patterns and styles so that you can show off your fashion sense. They might also have laces that make it easy to adjust the shoe’s fit or include a special feature like salt resistance.

You’ll find that water shoes come with a special rubber sole that sets them apart from the alternative: swim socks. The sole is usually textured and provides both cushioning and traction on slippery surfaces. You can find water shoes with thin and thick soles. Thicker ones add protection but also add weight versus thinner soles.

It’s important to pay close attention to the fit and support the water shoes offer you. Unless the manufacturer advises you to size up or down, you’re usually best going with your usual shoe size. If you buy too big of a pair, you might not only end up uncomfortable but also lose some of the traction benefits water shoes offer. Also, consider features like ankle support, which help you stay safe when you’re engaging in more strenuous activities.

What to Look For

  • Since they’re used in the water, these kinds of shoes tend to build up bacteria that can lead to odors. So, you’ll want to resist simply throwing them in a bag after your swim. Instead, dry them out. You can either let them air dry or use a blow dryer if you’d like to speed the process up.
  • Consider opting for shoe deodorizing sprays if odors remain a problem. You may also want to consider a more breathable type, such as a water shoe that has more open mesh on its surface area.
  • Pay close attention to the shoes’ structure and fit for your safety and comfort: choose the right ones based on your activity. For example, if you’re mainly using water shoes for swimming, aim for thinner water shoes that drain well and offer a tight fit similar to a sock. Heavier water shoes can make swimming challenging.
  • Heavier water shoes do have their own advantages, though. Thicker shoes offer more protection for activities like hiking through rocky streams, walking on the beach and doing water aerobics.
  • Depending on the type of water shoes you purchase, you may have several cleaning options available. Some kinds are simply machine-washable for convenience, so check the label. Otherwise, you might use warm water and baking soda and give the shoes a good scrubbing inside and out. Be sure to let them dry completely.

More to Explore

Regardless of which water activities you participate in, know that you get an array of benefits wearing water shoes versus going barefoot. While you already know that water shoes protect your feet and toes from rough objects and hot surfaces, they also keep you safer by providing better traction on otherwise slippery surfaces. Additionally, they provide warmth and help with circulation, so you may even get some performance benefits from them if you wear them while you’re engaging in watersports of any kind.


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