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The Best Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames

Last updated on June 14, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames

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Golden State Art Modern Style Solid Wood & Glass Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames

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Golden State Art

Modern Style Solid Wood & Glass Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames

With a distressed white wood border, this 13.7” x 15.7” collage frame is a great addition to any room of your home. It has space for seven 4” x 6” pictures, or you can remove the mat and install one 13.7” x 15.7” photo. You’ll get real glass and a bevel cut white mat to protect your treasured photos while you display them.

Overall Take

Versatile InstallationThis frame can be rotated 360-degrees with a flip of a button on the back, giving you multiple positioning options.

 Runner Up

Malden Screen Printed Quote Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames


Screen Printed Quote Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames

You’ll get a rustic design but a tender message with this picture frame. The center glass pane has the words, “Cherish every memory and love every moment” printed on it, with room for eight photos surrounding it. You can display six 4” x 6” photos and two 4” x 4” photos with this frame.

Overall Take

Ideal Gifting OptionA heartfelt message and classy design make this a great gift.

 We Also Like

Gallery Solutions Solid Wood & Lightweight Plexiglass Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames

Solid Wood & Lightweight Plexiglass Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames

A removable black mat and narrow frame profile give this frame a look that emphasizes the photos. You can fit 21 4” x 6” photos in this frame, which features tabs that make it easy to add and remove items. The durable hangers on the back let you choose between a vertical or horizontal display.

Overall Take

For Contemporary DécorThe black mat and narrow frame make this a great fit for rooms with a contemporary design.

 Strong Contender

Melannco Built-In Sawtooth Brackets Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames


Built-In Sawtooth Brackets Wall Mounting Collage Picture Frames

If you’re looking for a frame that stores both landscape and portrait photos, check out this frame. You can store four 4” x 6” landscape and five 6” x 4” portrait photos, with one of the portrait photos serving as the center frame. A black finish makes it easily blend with any space while also putting the emphasis on the pictures.

Overall Take

Enhance Your Office SpaceIf you’re looking for a photo frame for your office, or even your home office, this lightweight frame is a great choice.

Buying Guide

Documenting life’s many experiences is part of the fun. By snapping some photos, you can later relive the memories and even share them with others. In fact, some studies even show that taking pictures can make an experience even more enjoyable since it boosts your engagement.

At one time, photos were printed out and shared with a limited group of friends and relatives. But the internet shifted everything online, and today, photos are more likely to be uploaded to a social media platform than printed. But that doesn’t mean print is completely out of the picture. In fact, photos can be a great way to decorate the walls and tabletop surfaces of your home or office.

To turn your memories into decoration, though, you’ll need the right picture frame. In recent years, consumers have seen the value of collage-style picture frames, which let you group multiple photos in one place. You can find collage frames for showing off just a few pictures, as well as some that go all the way up to 10 or 20.

Another consideration, as you’re looking for a way to display your photos, is the frame itself. You can find frames in a variety of wood styles, from rustic to mahogany. If you’d like a lower-profile solution, look for a black frame with a thinner profile. You can find them in materials from plastic to stained wood to match your preferences and existing décor.

Your collage picture frame will come with a mat that has cut-out shapes for placing the photos. The matte itself can vary in material and color, but classier frames will typically feature a premium mat, both in material and cut. Some come with simple white cardboard that might not give you the look you’re trying to achieve.

What to Look For

  • Before choosing a collage frame, plan out the prints you want to include. Some collage frames are designed for 4” x 6” photos while many others accommodate 5” x 7”. You might find some collage options that let you combine the two sizes.
  • It’s also important to look at whether the photo cutouts are for landscape or portrait photos. Some frames can be rotated to allow you to switch from landscape to portrait, but that will also change the way the frame displays on your wall or tabletop.
  • Some collage frames are designed so that you can remove the mat and display one larger photo if you choose. This could be a great way to change up the look of your frames over the years.
  • Many photo frames come with glass to protect your photos, but some manufacturers use plexiglass instead. Make sure you’re getting the material you’re expecting before you buy.
  • Some photo frames can be hung either vertically or horizontally, depending on your space. This versatility will allow you to move it if someday you want to change up your décor.
  • A collage picture frame that includes a sentimental quote or saying can enhance your wall space and save you from having to purchase a plaque separately. The quote you choose could influence the photos you include in the collage, though, so keep that in mind if you go this route.
  • Although you’ll likely rarely change out your photos, having a frame that makes changing out the photos easy can come in handy. Look at the back of any photo frame and make sure you won’t need any special tools to install photos.
  • Some frames emphasize the photos in them, with a border and mat designed to draw attention to the images. This can be a great way to make sure you’re showing off your photos.

More to Explore

Although today’s frames may have a fairly standard look, the earliest frames were ornamental in nature, making them almost as interesting to look at as the art they surrounded. The earliest known frames were drawn around cave paintings to separate one scene from another.

But it wasn’t until around 50-70 AD that physical frames were built to go with artwork. A wooden frame around a portrait from that time was discovered in an Egyptian tomb. By the 12th and 13th centuries, wooden frames similar to those we see today were being built to separate church paintings. This concept made its way to homes when consumer demand led to a method of making artwork more portable.

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