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The Best Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer

Last updated on October 19, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizers

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SANY DAYO HOME Pine Wood Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer

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Pine Wood Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer

High-quality construction sets this organizer apart. This organizer is constructed using durable New Zealand Pine to ensure your organizer holds up over many uses. You can easily mount it in just a few minutes using the included hardware or 3M strips.

Overall Take

Great for Small SpacesThis wall-mounted organizer packs 20 hooks into a compact format, making it great when you’re limited on space.

 Runner Up

Keebofly Wood & Metal Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer, 2-Piece


Wood & Metal Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer, 2-Piece

You’ll maximize your jewelry storage with this set of two racks that include a wood shelf for decorative items and two drop down racks. You’ll get racks for storing bracelets and necklaces, as well as holes for your earrings. The rustic wood ledge shelf on each rack lets you add decorative items like framed photos and flower vases.

Overall Take

Attractive DesignCreate multitiered storage space for your jewelry with this set racks featuring a wood shelf and drop-down hooks.

 We Also Like

Y&ME YM Distressed Wood Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer, 3-Piece


Distressed Wood Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer, 3-Piece

Sturdy pine wood gives this necklace organizer both attractiveness and durability. The wood is designed with a rustic look and equipped with hooks and a bar for your hook earrings and bracelets. You’ll get all the hardware necessary to install these pieces, including screws, drywall anchors and double-sided tape.

Overall Take

Easy to AssembleChoose from the included hardware or double-sided tape with this easy-to-mount necklace organizer.

 Strong Contender

MyGift Metal Shelf & Hooks Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer


Metal Shelf & Hooks Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer

You’ll get 26 hooks, along with a narrow shelf, for an option that can be customized to your own unique needs. The black metal material helps it blend with a variety of decors, whether you’re setting it up in your bedroom, a closet or near your front door. The ornamental shelf is designed to hold earrings to help further optimize your jewelry s...

Overall Take

Versatile UsesThis organizer is built to customize to your own unique uses, with hooks and a shelf that can store a variety of item types.

Buying Guide

Although gold is a top-quality metal, it can be sensitive. On its own, it’s too soft to be suitable for daily wear as jewelry, which is why jewelers mix it with other metals for strength. Those metals are referred to as alloys and can vary from zinc, silver, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and nickel.

But even if your necklaces and bracelets are strong enough to withstand everyday tugs and dings, they can still be subject to damage. Interestingly, the most strain your jewelry suffers could come during storage. If you just toss it in a jewelry box or drawer, your jewelry could become tangled or knotted, and the results can be disastrous. Even if you can manage to straighten out your necklace, you could find it’s permanently damaged despite any care you took.

A necklace organizer is a great way to keep your necklaces straight between uses. But you’ll need a great place to store your organizer, which can be challenging if you tend to go for longer, pendant-style necklaces. That’s where a wall-mounted organizer can come in handy. Simply hang the organizer in a closet or out-of-the-way corner of your bedroom and keep your necklaces both safe and accessible. Some people even choose to hang their necklace organizers near the front door so they can accessorize just before heading out.

But necklace organizers don’t have to limit you to one type of jewelry. You can find organizers that include a bar for hanging bracelets and hook earrings, as well as a shelf for adding decorative items like framed photos. Some shelves are even wide enough to hold a bowl for your smaller post earrings, pins or rings. Other organizers incorporate holes into the design, allowing you to attach your post earrings. Chances are, by shopping around, you can find the necklace organizer that best suits your needs.

What to Look For

  • Not all necklace organizers are made alike. You can find some made from metal, while many more are designed with wood. Even with wood organizers, though, the quality of the wood can vary. Look for one that will not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but will also hold up over many years of use.
  • Most wall-mounted necklaces will need to be drilled or hammered into the wall. Make sure the necessary hardware is included and that you have the required tools on hand.
  • If you opt for a lighter-weight necklace organizer, and you don’t plan to load it down with heavy items, you might be able to mount it using 3M strips or double-sided tape. Make sure the build won’t exceed the suggested weight capacity of your chosen attachment method, though.
  • Some necklace organizers are easier to install than others. Check for installation processes ahead of time and make sure instructions will be included if mounting is complicated.
  • Pay close attention to the capacity of the organizer. Some will hold more necklaces than others. You might be able to double up on some hooks, but if you plan to do that, make sure the necklaces you hang together won’t get tangled.
  • For heavier organizers, you might need a drywall hook. Some organizers come with this, but make sure you have one on hand if not.
  • You may also need a level if you’re trying to make sure your organizer is hung evenly.
  • Pay close attention to the dimensions of the organizer you choose. Measure the space where you’ll hang it to determine exactly how much space it will take up.
  • If you’re limited on space, also pay attention to how deep your organizer is. Having it in an area that enjoys heavy foot traffic could put your necklaces at risk. You may want to choose a lower-profile necklace organizer for high-traffic areas.

More to Explore

Necklaces are among the oldest types of jewelry, dating back thousands of years. Experts go by sketches of jewelry to trace their history, and sketches can be found from the Stone Age that indicate prehistoric man-made necklaces and bracelets out of stones, bone fragments, shells, tusks and teeth. These materials were made into beads and added to strings made from animal skin or plant stems.

Over time, prehistoric communities shifted to other materials for jewelry making, including obsidian and green chlorite and polished amber, which has a gold, shiny appearance. It’s believed that initially jewelry was geared toward impressing others, but it also might have been used to identify tribal leaders. Different stones and ornamentation could have signified different things, depending on the wearer.

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