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The Best Vases, Urns & Jars

Last updated on May 19, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Vases, Urns & Jars

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Sullivans Assorted Sizes Ceramic Vases, 3-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Assorted Sizes Ceramic Vases, 3-Piece

This set of three vases is effortlessly beautiful with rustic appeal. They're made from 100% ceramic and have felt on the bottom to prevent scratches. The pieces range from 5 to 10 inches tall.

Overall Take

Effortlessly BeautifulThis set of three ceramic vases has an elegant yet rustic look.

 Runner Up

Royal Imports Clear Acrylic Cylinder Vase

Royal Imports

Clear Acrylic Cylinder Vase

This versatile 4.25-inch cylinder vase can be used for flowers and other decorative pieces, or you can use it to store items like cotton balls. It is made from hard, thick plastic, and is break-resistant.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceThis cylinder vase is ideal for flowers or decorative items.

 We Also Like

Anding 3D Textured Porcelain Vase


3D Textured Porcelain Vase

This oval vase with a three-dimensional design is a great porcelain-style accent piece for any room. It's about 5.7 inches high with a string glued and wrapped around the bottle-style top.

Overall Take

Accent PieceThis ceramic oval vase is eye-catching no matter where you put it.

 Strong Contender

Tuumee Floral Pattern Unglazed Porcelain Vase


Floral Pattern Unglazed Porcelain Vase

This eggshell porcelain vase features high-quality craftsmanship in its light and thin but sturdy profile. Enjoy a vintage-style blue and white design that's unglazed on the outside and stunning all around!

Overall Take

High-Quality CraftsmanshipThis pretty vintage-style vase is made from eggshell porcelain.

Buying Guide

Vases, urns and jars are great options for decorating your space. Whether you want a functional vessel to hold a bouquet of flowers or wish to create a stunning tablescape with decorative items, you have options. There are many different types of vases, urns and jars you can choose from.

Bottle-necked varieties, as the name suggests, have a very narrow opening, just like a bottle. They are great for flowers or branches with long, thin stems and look great on windowsills and shelves. Centerpiece vases are conversation pieces that are low and wide, so it’s easy to see your guests over the décor. You can leave them empty or fill them with small decorative items.

Vases, urns and jars in a cube style bring a modern and contemporary vibe with their straight lines. These are typically shorter in length and look great with cut flowers with large heads. They can also be filled with succulents. Flared vases, urns and jars have a wide opening at the top that tapers down to the bottom. The wide opening makes them a perfect vessel for bouquets because there is lot of room for the flowers to spread out. They also look great empty.

If you’re looking for an elevated decorative item, then go with a footed vase or urn which sits on its own base. These may be tall and thin vessels best used for flowers with long stems, such as sunflowers. If placing these on a dining table, it’s best to get one that is as skinny as possible so it doesn’t interfere with sightlines.

What to Look For

  • If you have a more rustic and relaxed décor in your home and don’t think the polished look of certain vases will quite work in your space, consider getting one that looks like a jug (with a narrow mouth and a handle). Jugs are perfect for holding the flowers you pick from your garden, and they also look lovely on their own or filled with decorative items such as colorful beads.
  • Vases, urns and jars can be either transparent or opaque, and there are benefits to each style. Transparent vessels enable you to see inside, so they look great when filled with decorative items or flowers. Opaque vases, urns and jars don’t need such additions, as they typically feature an exterior look (like paint, a pattern or a special texture) that can shine on its own.
  • While some vases, urns and jars look great on their own, others look better when grouped together. One way to create an attractive arrangement of vases, urns and jars is to group items of various sizes and shapes. For example, put together a tall and thin one, a short and round one and a medium rectangular one. The arrangement can work if there is a common thread between the vases, such as their color or pattern, or it may also look great if the vessels are all different.
  • You can also consider creating a decorative arrangement by using multiples of the exact same vase and placing them next to each other, such as three short cube vases on a table with matching succulents in each one.

More to Explore

An urn is a type of vase. It typically has a lid, while regular vases do not. Urns can be any shape, but some have a wide, round body with a narrow and tall neck. Many have pedestal feet, and some sources say this footed base also sets it apart from a regular vase.

Urns are more commonly used to store things. For example, they are often used to hold the cremated ashes of loved ones at funerals and beyond; this is the usage people most associate them with. The word “urn” also refers to containers used to serve tea and coffee. Meanwhile, vases — at least in modern times — are only designed to hold flowers and decorative items.

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