Best Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Husband

Best Valentine's Day Cards For Husband

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He may not want to admit it, but your husband wants to get a Valentine’s Day card from you. Your guy has to know how much you care, and if he comes home with a gift and card and you are empty-handed, well, it could lead to an awkward scenario.

The best Valentine’s Day cards for your husband will be those that most accurately reflect your relationship and speak to your dynamic as a couple.

A warm and fuzzy guy may appreciate a romantic card, while a jokester would enjoy one that gives him a big laugh. Others prefer simple sentiments, with few words and eye-catching designs. Some cards are nice enough to keep, and these are often made from thicker paper stock or other materials like foil and wood. You will pay a bit more for the latter, but the card may be more memorable.

As the big day draws closer, you don’t want to find yourself in the store, staring at racks of picked-over cards that may or may not suit his temperament. If you have the time to browse, whether online or in person, chances are good you’ll be able to wade through the best Valentine’s Day cards for your husband and find one that matches your beloved’s unique personality.

The Best Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Husband

He’ll love the look of this clever Hallmark card. It has a decorative, paisley cover and the interior copy reads: “The things about you that I first fell in love with get better all the time. That gentle strength and easy kindness have always been the heart of who you are. You’re a good man who keeps getting better, year after year. . . and I just keep loving you more and more.”

Still looking through the best Valentine’s Day cards for your husband? This Funny Valentine’s Day Card can also be used for other occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. It’s made from extra-thick card stock, which gives it a high-quality feel. He will laugh out loud when he reads the wording on the front, too.

Let your superhero know that he’s the best around with this Hallmark Signature Valentine’s Day Card. This card has a drawing of Clark Kent ripping open his shirt to show the Superman emblem. It’s made from thick paper stock and is eco-friendly, so it will stand out even more.

More than just a card, the handcrafted I Love You Card‘s message is laser-cut into real bamboo, and it is nice enough to display on a table or wall. This card is like a piece of art — one that you can customize with your own personal greeting on the inside.

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