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Best Valentine’s Day Candy

best valentine's day candy

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Valentine’s Day classics seem to have been set in stone at some point. Chocolates and flowers rule the day. But the best Valentine’s Day candy doesn’t necessarily come in a heart-shaped box. There are plenty of options that will satisfy someone’s sweet tooth while also being unique.

When you’re picking out a gift for someone you love, your first consideration will likely be personal taste. The best Valentine’s Day candy for one person won’t necessarily be the best choice for someone else. That’s why it’s important to first narrow down the type of sweets your sweetie loves. You’ll want to pick out an irresistible treat.

Another consideration when looking for the best Valentine’s Day candy is presentation. Heart-shaped boxes have become popular for a reason. They’re attractive while also making it clear that you’ve picked the item out to celebrate the holiday. But you can get equally eye-pleasing gifts without limiting your selection to truffles. If you’re shipping your Valentine’s Day gift directly to the recipient, you’ll also want to make sure it looks good right out of the shipping packaging.

Below is a selection of Valentine’s Day candy options that’s not only unique but also tasty. You can browse the list and get some inspiration or, hopefully, find the very item you’ve been looking for.

Best Valentine’s Day Candy

Chocolate-covered Oreos aren’t just for state fairs anymore. The Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookies includes eight Oreos dipped in milk chocolate and packaged in an attractive box.

Foil-wrapped chocolate hearts are a longstanding Valentine’s Day tradition. The Madelaine Premium Chocolate Hearts Valentines Candy comes in a 1-pound bag and contains approximately 56 hearts, ideal for sharing with friends and loved ones.

If you’re looking for a departure from traditional truffles, the Ferrero Rocher Collection, Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolates, 24 Count is a delicious option. You’ll get 24 large chocolate and coconut candies in an attractive box with a clear top.

Conversation hearts are another Valentine’s Day tradition. This bag of  Brach’s Conversation Hearts includes conversation hearts in a variety of flavors, including orange, banana and grape.

You’ll get plenty to snack on in this Valentine’s Day Care Package, which is perfect for shipping to your faraway loved ones. This care package features 45 items, including chocolate and other sweets plus some savory snacks and some bottled water drink mixes.

Best Valentine’s Chocolate For Kids

Harry Potter fans will love this three-piece selection of candies inspired by the mega-hit books and movies. The Harry Potter Jelly Gummy Candy Slugs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans & Chocolate Crispy Frog includes jelly slugs, uniquely flavored jelly beans and a chocolate frog, as well as a collectible wizard card.

If you need a gift for a party or your classroom, you can’t go wrong with the Hershey’s All-Time Greats White Crème Bulk Candy, Snack Size. You’ll get 64 individually wrapped treats, including white chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups, Reese’s cookies ‘N’ cream treats and white chocolate Kit Kat bars.

Ideal for parties and classrooms, the M&M’s Milk Chocolate Mini’s Candy, 1.08-Ounce Tubes includes 24 1.08-ounce tubes of miniature M&Ms. Tubes are made from a thin, durable plastic in an assortment of colors.

You’ll get a sturdy wicker basket that can be used to store items long after the snacks inside are gone. Inside this Valentine’s Day Basket are 40 different snacks, including chocolate in various types of molds, popcorn and Tootsie Pops.

The Best Candy Jewelry

This package includes 20 individually-wrapped Ring Pops to provide students a tasty treat that they can wear. The Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Bulk Lollipop Variety Party Pack includes six different flavors: strawberry, blue raspberry, blue raspberry watermelon, sour cherry, watermelon and berry blast.

You’ll get 36 candy necklaces packed into the Cartwheel Confections Candy Necklaces bucket. Students can wear the stretchy necklaces while they’re enjoying the pastel-colored treats.

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