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The Best Toilet Seat For Bucket

Last updated on February 15, 2023
Best Toilet Seat For Bucket

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72 HRS Flexible Eco-Friendly Toilet Seat For Bucket

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

72 HRS

Flexible Eco-Friendly Toilet Seat For Bucket

If you're planning a trip in the great outdoors, you won't want to be without this toilet seat for bucket. It's designed to quickly snap into place over any 5-gallon bucket, creating an instant potty. Campers will appreciate how sturdy and durable the seat is, as well as how comfortable the seat is to sit on.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PriceKeep camping costs to a minimum with this affordable toilet seat for bucket.

 Runner Up

Better Boat Biodegradeable Bags & Toilet Seat For Bucket

Better Boat

Biodegradeable Bags & Toilet Seat For Bucket

Turn any 5-gallon bucket into a latrine with this toilet seat for bucket. It's bright blue in color, compact and easy to install. In fact, it comes with a set of disposable bags and a handy storage tote for added portability.

Overall Take

Bright BlueWhether you're spending the day out on a boat or camping with the family for the weekend, this toilet seat for bucket has you covered.

 We Also Like

Reliance Products Luggable Loo Plastic Toilet Seat For Bucket

Reliance Products

Luggable Loo Plastic Toilet Seat For Bucket

A slightly heavier option than some at over a pound, this product fits most five-gallon industrial, food-grade buckets. This portable toilet seat snaps into place with a firm push, and it creates a good seal once in place.

Overall Take

Snap-On Commode ChairThis toilet seat for bucket is a great option for your safety kit, on the road or at home.

 Strong Contender

Emergency Zone Camping Bucket Emergency Toilet Seat

Emergency Zone

Camping Bucket Emergency Toilet Seat

This convenient toilet seat for bucket option weighs less than a pound and it fits on three-, five- or six-gallon buckets. The seat is made of rigid plastic and is capable of holding up to 250 pounds, although the weight limit depends somewhat on the bucket being used.

Overall Take

Fits Different Size ContainersTake this product along for camping or working in rural areas far from modern plumbing.

Buying Guide

Backwoods hiking, camping and hunting can all be interrupted when nature calls, but taking a bucket toilet is an affordable and efficient way to be prepared. It is possible to use sanitary bags to tie off and contain the contents, but not all bucket-to-seat adapters come with those bags, so be prepared to purchase those separately.

You’ll want to note the items that are not included. The seats almost never come with a bucket base, unless specifically listed as a package deal. Aspiring campers might have trouble finding compatible buckets, so be prepared to hunt around for a container that fits your selected seat.

Dealing with the contents of a “honey bucket” hygienically can be tricky, but there are a variety of helpful tricks to deal with the situation safely and without making a big stink. Be sure you dispose of the contents of your bucket in accordance with local laws.

What to Look For

  • Cat litter is a cheap way to absorb liquid and cover up smells. It has no expiration date and comes in waterproof bags and boxes. You can use this in your bucket to keep things fresher.
  • Using resources from your surroundings can be an affordable and effective method to soak up the contents of your bucket. Sawdust from a worksite or sand from a beach or river shore provide effective absorbent material, free of charge.
  • Be sure that the toilet seat you purchase can support the weight of all family members and friends who might be using it.
  • Clean your seat with a personal wipe after each use to keep things fresh.

More to Explore

Bucket toilets are a kind of dry toilet, often used in extremely cold climates where installing running water is difficult and expensive, or in areas with developing sanitation systems or emergency situations.

Even outside of these circumstances, some people choose to use bucket toilets to compost their waste by layering sawdust, newspaper and other absorbent materials in the bucket and adding the contents to a compost pile or chamber, creating plant fertilizer.

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