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The Best Toddler Ice Skates

Last updated on December 27, 2023
Best Toddler Ice Skates

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Our Picks For The Top Toddler Ice Skates

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Lake Placid Summit Waterproof Toddler Ice Skates

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Lake Placid

Summit Waterproof Toddler Ice Skates

The stainless-steel blade on these toddler ice skates will maintain its edge and resist rust, while the hockey-style shape will help a young skater remain stable and agile. The boot itself is warmly lined, and the rigid plastic shell will protect little ankles.

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Hockey-Style BladeSturdily made and adjustable up to four shoe sizes, these toddler ice skates will prove their worth.

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Skateez Lightweight Training Toddler Ice Skates


Lightweight Training Toddler Ice Skates

Encourage your little one to get out on the rink with these toddler ice skates. They are designed for children ages 3 to 8 with a weight up to 80 pounds. Parents will appreciate how lightweight the skates are, as well as the fact that they have attached trainers to make learning safe and fun.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalSince these toddler ice skates have an affordable price tag, you won't have any trouble sticking to your budget.

 Strong Contender

American Athletic Professional Toddler Ice Skates

American Athletic

Professional Toddler Ice Skates

If your little one shows promise in the sport of figure skating, you'll want to go with these toddler ice skates. The boots are designed for optimal performance and come in a bright white that will match any costume. Parents will love that the skates are made from a durable PVC, which is easy to keep clean.

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Professional-Style Boot Made with full quarter padding, these toddler ice skates are cute and comfortable.

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Xino Sports Sharpened Toddler Ice Skates

Xino Sports

Sharpened Toddler Ice Skates

Comfort and style combine to form these sturdy toddler ice skates. Each pair is made with extra ankle support for safety and outfitted with padding to make them super soft. Since the straps are adjustable, your child will be able to achieve a custom fit every time.

Overall Take

Choice of ColorsYou'll find this pair of toddler ice skates comes in a choice of blue or pink.

Buying Guide

If you’re shopping for ice skates for your toddler, you might not know which type to look for, but there are three varieties they typically fall into. Depending on what type of ice sport your child may be getting into, they can look for skates that are either made for hockey, figure skating or speed skating.

Hockey skate blades are curved at each end and flat in the middle. Hockey boots have a high ankle and are made out of or encased in rigid materials, such as plastic. The short, rounded blades increase maneuverability, designed for lots of sudden starts and stops, as well as sharp turns. The boots limit flexibility but provide more power.

Figure skates have longer blades, which are rounded and have spikes called toe picks at the front. They are flat at the back. Figure skate boots are also high-ankled, still fairly stiff, but made of more flexible leather. The longer blade allows the wearer to build up more speed for jumps, and the toe pick allows the skater to perform jumps and control their landings.

Speed skate blades, meanwhile, are the longest of the three, flat at both the front and back. Long-distance and high-speed skates have a hinge at the toe, allowing the blade to remain on the ice for as long as possible, while short-track speed skates are fixed at the heel to give better control for wearers making frequent corners. Both versions have reinforced heels.

When buying skates for your little one, a good fit, comfort and safety are primary concerns, of course. Read reviews carefully and use any measurements provided by manufacturers to ensure the skates will fit your child because an ill-fitting pair will hurt their technique on the ice.

What to Look For

  • Most new skates will need to be sharpened before use. The edge will have a generally correct shape, but it will not have the sharpness nor the particular grind radius best for your little one’s skate style or experience.
  • Smaller grind radii (i.e. deeper) are better for smaller and more lightweight skaters, as it allows the skate to cut deeper into the ice and provide more fine control and acceleration. Sharper blades will have a lower top speed as it loses more energy into the ice.
  • Larger grind radii (i.e. flatter) will allow larger and heavier skaters to move faster and more efficiently across the ice, but it offers less explosive acceleration and stopping.

More to Explore

Skate edges are not a single edge, but rather two edges with an arch between them. The size of the grinding wheel used to create this arch is referred to as the “radius of hollow.” Wow your kid and their friends with that nerdy fact next time you’re all at the rink!

Experts recommend that kids who are just getting into skating look for a radius of hollow that’s a 1/2 inch. That size can work for children of most sizes and weights as they first get used to skating, especially in a hockey setting. Bigger kids will then probably want a flatter ROH, while smaller kids may want a deeper one.

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