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The Best Toddler Girl Toys

Last updated on July 28, 2022
Best Toddler Girl Toys

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Our Picks For The Top Toddler Girl Toys

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FunzBo Easy Clean Build-A-Garden Toddler Girl Toy

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Easy Clean Build-A-Garden Toddler Girl Toy

This toddler girl toy promotes creative thinking and pretend play. It's a colorful gardening set that allows little ones to build and care for their own garden. Since the pieces are interchangeable, kids can create a variety of flowers and bouquets.

Overall Take

Ideal for Gift GivingThanks to the budget-friendly price tag on this toddler girl toy, you'll find it's perfect for gift giving.

 Runner Up

VTech Care for Me Interactive Dog Carrier Toddler Girl Toy


Care for Me Interactive Dog Carrier Toddler Girl Toy

If one of your kids is an animal-lover, this girls' toy is the perfect gift for them. It includes a pet carrier, bowl, ball, comb and bottle. The buttons on the carrier light up and make sounds.

Overall Take

Puppy PickKids will love taking care of their plush animal friend with this toddler girl toy kit.

 We Also Like

LeapFrog Scout & Violet Age-Appropriate Word Book Toddler Girl Toy


Scout & Violet Age-Appropriate Word Book Toddler Girl Toy

This interactive toddler girl toy encourages kids to love reading. They can learn different word categories such as animals, mealtime, colors and activities. The book plays songs and instructions in English and Spanish.

Overall Take

Encourages ReadingKids will learn different word categories including pets, food and opposites.

 Strong Contender

LODBY Removable Legs Doodle Table Toddler Girl Toy


Removable Legs Doodle Table Toddler Girl Toy

Children are so full of imagination and this toddler girl toy allows toddlers to express their stories through drawings. The table includes a magnetic pen and two magnetic stamps for creating endless pictures and designs. The slide button along the bottom makes erasing the images a breeze, allowing kids to start a new picture in seconds.

Overall Take

Mess-Free DoodlingThe legs on this toddler girl toy are completely removable, so children can use the table top as a tablet if they wish.

Buying Guide

Toddlers are intensely curious and playful. They are learning about the world and want to touch, try and explore everything they encounter. Getting toys that fuel a toddler’s interest and imagination helps them to improve their physical and cognitive skills. When looking for toys for toddler girls, consider whether the toy can be used in a variety of ways. These kinds of toys spark their curiosity as they explore the different ways they can play with it. For example, a set of blocks can be used to make an infinite amount of structures. Similarly, a drawing pad can be used to create several different works of art.

Be sure to consider whether the toys will grow with your toddler. After all, they won’t remain toddlers for long. Certain toys have a cross-generational appeal so that older children and adults can also play with them. For example, dollhouses or play tents are a great toy which can be played with by toddlers, older children and even their caregivers.

Toddlers are working on their logical thinking skills, and toys can help fuel this development. For example, puzzles help kids figure out how things fit together. Books are a great way for toddlers to learn to identify their letters and the sounds they make.

What to Look For

  • Even at a very young age, toddlers have defined interests. You can use toys to help them learn more about their interests and further develop their skills. For example, if your toddler loves to draw and color, consider getting them a little desk that is just their size. This way, they will have a dedicated space to make art. You can also find an interactive desk that makes lights and sounds to further encourage their creativity.
  • Young children love emulating their parents. They admire them and want to do things exactly like them. That’s why you’ll often see toddlers walking around wearing their parents’ shoes or trying on their hats. In order to help toddlers feel more “grown-up”, consider getting them replicas of grown-up items. For example, a little purse is a great choice for a toddler who wants to be like mommy. You can find one which also includes accessories like a play cell phone, wallet and car keys.
  • With all toddler toys, consider whether they are safe for your child. Some toddlers still tend to put things in their mouths. This means that any small parts can be choking hazards.

More to Explore

When buying toys for toddler girls, you are bound to end up having a lot of things for them to play with. Sometimes, having too many choices can feel overwhelming for kids, and can also clutter up your home. Instead of leaving all of their toys accessible to play with, consider hiding some toys and only making a small selection of toys accessible. This way, once your toddler tires of their current selection, you can rotate out the other toys. Each time you bring our different toys after a few weeks of being hidden away, they will feel like new to your toddler.

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