The Best Thanksgiving Turkey You’ve Ever Had with The Big Easy

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Growing up I was never a huge fan of turkey at Thanksgiving. Why waste valuable plate space on sawdust when sweet potato casserole exists?

That all changed the year my family bought The Big Easy.



Ever had a fried turkey? Delicious, right? Now imagine the same tasting turkey, but without the oil.

Fast, easy, and safe, The Big Easy is an oil-less fryer that will revolutionize your turkey this Thanksgiving. The Big Easy has been our go-to cooking method every year. The turkey always turns out juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

But The Big Easy isn’t just for Thanksgiving! You can make chickens, pork tenderloins, roasts, and much, much more.

The Big Easy sells for $129.99 on Char-Broil’s website, but you can get your very own Thanksgiving miracle on Amazon for as low as $79.99!

Amazon has 4 options available:

While you’re on Amazon, grab some of Tony Chachere’s injectable butter marinade, it’s our favorite!


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