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The Best Teether For Babies

Last updated on March 8, 2024
teething toys for babies

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Our Picks For The Top Teethers For Babies

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 Stands On Its Own

Comotomo Silicone Teether For Babies

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Silicone Teether For Babies

With its non-choking design, this teether for babies offers parents peace of mind. The teether is specially designed for little fingers and comes in either blue or red. Its four legs also allow the teething ring to stand up on its own. Once toddlers are past the teething stage, they can continue using this cute teether as a toy.

Overall Take

Teether and ToySpecifically designed for little fingers, this teether for babies can stand up on its own.

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Nuby Ice Gel Teether Toy Keys


Ice Gel Teether Toy Keys

Small fingers won't have any trouble holding this teething toy, which was made using an easy grip design. The three teethers have textured surfaces that help stimulate the gums. When placed in the refrigerator, the gel within the teethers activates to keep the teethers nice and cool for a longer period of time than other teethers on the market.

Overall Take

Easy Grip DesignMade for babies age 3 months and up, this teething toy uses PurIce technology to keep the teethers cool for long periods of time.

 Bristled Pick

Nuby Silicone Teether with Bristles


Silicone Teether with Bristles

This teether for babies is extremely soft to provide comfort while also offering relief. A hygienic carrying case gives you a safe place to store it between uses, and you can also freeze it for extra comfort. The size is perfect for little hands, but it can also be used hands free.

Overall Take

Hygienic Carrying CaseThis teether for babies comes with a hygienic carrying case to keep your teether clean between uses.

 Cute Fruit Shape

RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether


RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether

For babies dealing with sore gums, the texture of this teether for babies is built to provide relief. The design works similarly to a pacifier, but the material is designed specifically for teething. For additional comfort, freeze it before using.

Overall Take

Soothes Sore GumsThe bumpy texture of this teether for babies helps soothe a baby's sore gums.

Buying Guide

Teething can be tough, both for babies and their parents. As teeth begin to break the surface of gums, infants experience discomfort, often leading to fussiness, difficulty sleeping, irritability and loss of appetite. Parents can soothe sore gums by rubbing a finger along them but having something to chew on can also offer some relief.

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Many parents use teethers to get their infants through those tough months. Typically made from soft materials like silicon, these devices are specifically made to provide comfort. Some parents find that keeping teethers in the refrigerator between uses can provide even more relief.

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When you’re considering buying a teether, though, there are several things to consider. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the many fun shapes and sizes teethers come in. Bright colors and shapes like bananas can make them a little more like a toy for infants. But if you’re giving one as a baby shower gift, there are many nostalgic-shaped teethers designed to make parents smile.

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Safety is always a consideration with a product you buy for a child. Look specifically for a teether that’s free of BPA and phthalates, both of which continue to be a concern for parents. You should also search for a teether that resists bacteria and consider buying a carrying case to keep your teether clean while storing it in your diaper bag.

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What to Look For

  • Teethers come in a variety of styles and designs. Your child may not appreciate that nostalgic teether design, but it will be fun to show off to friends, so feel free to indulge.
  • The weight and size of your teether can make it tough for your baby to hold. Look for a smaller, more lightweight design that will work well hands free. If not, make sure your baby will be able to grip the pacifier to hold it in place.
  • Teethers are designed to sooth the gums while teeth are coming in. Once your infant has several teeth in place, though, consider that the bristles built into some pacifiers can be easily chewed off. That could become a choking hazard. Keep a close eye on your baby if you decide to continue to use the teether after teeth have come through.
  • The recommended age range should be listed on the package. Typically, babies will begin to show symptoms of teething around four to six months of age.
  • Some textures are built to massage the gums while the baby uses it. This can provide extra relief.
  • In addition to soothing gums, teethers can be useful in helping babies develop sensory and motor skills. This comes from the colors and shapes of the teether you choose.

More to Explore

In addition to providing relief, chewing serves a very useful purpose when a baby is teething. By chewing, an infant massages the gums, helping the teeth come in correctly. If you’re breastfeeding, it may help to know that breast milk includes analgesic, which naturally soothes the baby. If you don’t have a teether, or you simply want to try something different, wet a washcloth and keep it in the fridge a while, then let your baby chew on it for extra relief. Your pediatrician can recommend some infant-safe toothpaste that you can use to begin to brush your infant’s teeth as they emerge.

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