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The Best Tattoo Kit

Last updated on October 11, 2023

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Wormhole Professional Cartridge Rotary Tattoo Pen Kit

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Professional Cartridge Rotary Tattoo Pen Kit

Aimed at new tattoo artists, this kit has a user-friendly rotary pen that is light and easy to hold. It includes a basic selection of 11 inks along with a pedal and plenty of accessories such as needles, ink cups and safety and practice items.

Overall Take

Good for Getting StartedYou'll find this option handy if you're a new artist who wants a kit that includes the basics and isn't complicated to use.

 Runner Up

Solong Tattoo Complete Professional Tattoo Kit


Tattoo Complete Professional Tattoo Kit

This large kit gives you four guns specified either for coloring, lining or shading. You can control the guns with the included pedal. You also get a large selection of inks, needles, a case and other handy accessories.

Overall Take

Multiple Tool OptionsConsider this kit if you want the versatility that comes with having four tattoo machines for specific purposes.

 We Also Like

HAWINK Poke a Stick Hand Tool Tattoo Kit, 20 Piece


Poke a Stick Hand Tool Tattoo Kit, 20 Piece

Ideal for those who are learning to make tattoos, this kit has a stick-and-poke tool that is simple to set up and use. You also get needles, seven basic ink colors and accessories good for practicing designs and setting up the tool.

Overall Take

Doesn't Require ElectricityIf you want a tool that's small, simple and doesn't require power, this kit is a good choice.

 Strong Contender

Romlon Beginner LED Rotary Machine Tattoo Kit, 40 Piece


Beginner LED Rotary Machine Tattoo Kit, 40 Piece

Featuring an ergonomic rotary pen, this kit is good for making tattoos without straining your hand, losing your grip or dealing with loud noise. You get seven ink colors, a case, pedal and over 260 other items.

Overall Take

Very Large CollectionYou get a quiet, user-friendly tool and a huge selection of helpful supplies with this large kit.

Buying Guide

If you’re a professional tattoo artist, you might need a kit that includes the essential equipment for you to work on clients in your studio. On the other hand, you might be a non-professional who is just looking for an easy way to make some temporary body art at home. In either case, you’ll want to select the right tattoo kit that is appropriate for your skill level, includes the right tools and ultimately allows you to create the desired body art.

As a professional, you’ll find kits with different tools and machinery used to poke the ink in to the skin. Ideal for beginners and simple designs, a stick-and-poke tattooing pen requires no electricity since you just poke the ink-filled needle into the skin to make one small dot at a time. Electrical options include coil and rotary machines, where the latter is lighter, more versatile and better suited for new artists. Coil tattooing machines are especially popular both for drawing the tattoo’s lines and adding shading, but they only allow for one of these at a time.

Professional tattoo kits should provide you with a selection of accessories such as needles, a control pedal, tips, cups for the ink, grips, safety gear such as gloves, and many colors of tattoo ink. It’s also common to get a protective case and additional items for setting up and maintaining the machine. Additionally, some professional kits even give you multiple tattoo guns designed for specific purposes such as lining, coloring and shading.

Made for at-home users, temporary tattoo kits come in varieties suitable for both kids and adults. Kid-friendly kits usually feature markers with skin-safe ink that can get washed off easily. Kits for adults may include such markers or instead feature small containers of semi-permanent ink that you apply with the help of a stencil. These temporary tattoo kits are also handy if you want to test out a tattoo design before you head to a tattoo shop to get it permanently done.

What to Look For

  • Avoid using a professional tattoo kit on yourself or someone else unless you have the proper training and any required licenses in your locale to do so. In addition, even if you can legally offer tattooing services, you’ll need to do so in a studio that meets all the legal and sanitary requirements. Otherwise, problems can arise that affect safety or cause legal issues.
  • Always make sure to properly sanitize professional tattoo tools before you use them on anybody. Once you’ve finished, you’ll want to thoroughly sanitize the tattoo machine again using a spray or other solution. Having an autoclave also helps with sterilizing tattooing tools.
  • Before working with a tattoo machine, make sure you’ve cleaned your hands and put on disposable gloves. You should also have some wrapped plastic around the machine since this helps prevent issues with contamination. 
  • If you notice that the pigment isn’t flowing well from your tattoo machine, the problem could involve the pigment, needle or your technique. Check that the pigment you’re using has the right consistency. If it does, your needle may not be set properly or could have some buildup. You should also avoid angling your tattoo machine the wrong way.
  • When using a temporary tattoo kit, you can expect your design to stay on the skin for anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Generally, darker colors will remain the longest. Plus, moisturizing the inked area with petroleum jelly or lotion can also help you enjoy your tattoo longer. 
  • To get rid of a semi-permanent tattoo sooner, you can usually exfoliate the area with something like a body scrub or salt water. More temporary inks may also come off if you simply use soapy water.
  • Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for prepping your skin before a temporary tattoo. Most importantly, the skin needs to be clean and dry. After you apply or draw on the tattoo, be sure to let the ink dry for the recommended time.

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However, tattooing has also served as a punishment in the past in places like Japan. Criminals there once received punishment tattoos that varied in number and location depending on the crimes they did.

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