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Best Swimming Goggles

Last updated on May 30, 2024
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Our Picks For The Top Swimming Goggles

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Aegend No-Leaking Swimming Goggles, 2-Pack

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


No-Leaking Swimming Goggles, 2-Pack

Available in 14 styles, you can choose between goggles with mirrored, clear or tinted lenses for your needs. They're made to tightly keep water out yet still be comfortable to wear. You also get an anti-fog and sun protection features.

Overall Take

Multiple Handy FeaturesConsider this option if you're interested in multiple lens options and goggles that won't fog up.

 Best for Kids

Keary Leak-Proof Silicone Kids’ Swim Goggles, 2-Pack


Leak-Proof Silicone Kids’ Swim Goggles, 2-Pack

Crystal clear vision under water is what you'll enjoy from these kids' swim goggles. Not only do they keep water out, but they also eliminate glare and fog. The straps are both flexible and adjustable and each set comes with three interchangeable nose pieces.

Overall Take

Eliminates GlareThese kids' swim goggles come in packs of two and are available in a wide range of colors.

 Runner Up

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swimming Goggles


Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swimming Goggles

Made to offer a large viewing range and reduce glare on sunny days, these goggles are highly adjustable and have a good seal. They both prevent fog and offer UV protection. You can choose from eight colors.

Overall Take

Helpful for Sunny DaysThese compact mirrored goggles are a good choice when you'll swim outdoors competitively or recreationally.

 Runner Up

Seago Anti-Glare Scratchproof Kids’ Swim Goggles


Anti-Glare Scratchproof Kids’ Swim Goggles

Whether your child is preparing to go snorkeling or diving to the bottom of the pool to fetch a few toys, these kids' swim goggles are a must. They offer a 180-degree unobstructed view and are made with an anti-fog coating. The goggles also have a soft nose cover to help kids hold their breath underwater.

Overall Take

Gender-Neutral DesignThese kids' swim goggles are made using a silicone rubber that is soft against skin.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re swimming inside or outdoors, wearing the right pair of swimming goggles can provide you with comfort and help you see better as well. These handy accessories help keep water along with chlorine and other irritants out of your eyes, and you can stay safer when you have clearer vision swimming underwater too. To get the most from these benefits, you’ll need to consider several swimming goggle options to find what will work for your needs.

Since swimming goggles come in different sizes, you’ll first want to consider the age of the wearer. While you can find plenty of standard-sized swimming goggles for adults and teens, you’ll also come across smaller child-sized versions. In either case, you’ll want to make sure the chosen goggles aren’t too small or bulky for the face and will offer a good fit. In addition, you’ll want to consider the ease of use, especially for children’s swimming goggles, since some options have straps that are harder to adjust than others.

When looking at goggles, you’ll come across different options for the socket size, lens size and profile. Your choices will affect your comfort, visibility and the seal, so it’s important to assess the pros and cons when looking at different goggle options.

For example, low-profile swimming goggles with small sockets and lenses offer the benefits of being less bulky and more airtight to keep water from getting in. However, they can be less comfortable since they put more pressure on your eyes, and they don’t allow the widest viewing range. On the other hand, goggles with larger sockets and lenses can feel more comfortable to wear and allow you to see more naturally. However, these goggles are bulkier, and it’s easier for water to get inside and cause you discomfort.

You’ll also find that swimming goggles come with several lens options. Standard clear lenses work well indoors when it’s not too bright, while mirrored or polarized lenses are good for outdoor swimming since you’ll experience less glare. You can find swimming goggle lenses with colored tints that can suit specific situations. For example, blue lenses can work for both outdoor and indoor swimming since they offer some glare protection in moderate light conditions. Smoke-colored tints work well when you’ll be swimming outdoors in bright sunlight.

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What to Look For

  • You can find swimming goggles in colors to match any swimming attire. Some timeless choices include black, blue and clear goggles, but you can find bright and pastel colors and even multi-toned options. Some swimming goggles have decorations like small jewels too.
  • Before using your swimming goggles for the first time, take some time to make adjustments. Some models will have an adjustable nosepiece that you should use so that the goggles don’t dig into your nose or fit too loosely. You should also use the clasp or clip on the goggles’ strap to make adjustments so that the goggles don’t come loose or cause you pain. While adjusting the straps, have the front of the goggles held closely to your face for good results.
    When shopping for premade prescription swimming goggles, know that these usually have the same prescription in both eyes. If your eyes have different prescriptions or you don’t find pre-made swimming goggles that work for your situation, consider talking to your eye doctor about the best option.
  • Having your swimming goggles fog up is a common annoyance, but you can get a pair with an anti-fog treatment to help with this. This coating does break down over time, however. You can look into other options like using an anti-fog spray or even applying a little baby shampoo or toothpaste on the lens before your next swim.
  • If you’re buying goggles for outdoor swimming, consider a pair that has full UV protection. These goggles will often have polarized lenses to offer some comfort from the sun too.
  • Swimming goggles require some special attention after use. Rather than just stashing them away for your next swim, take time to rinse your goggles under a faucet, but use some soap only on the straps. A soft cloth works best for drying your goggles, and you’ll want to be gentle to avoid scratches on the lenses. Store them in a case for the most protection between uses.

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