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The Best Stencils & Templates

Last updated on September 22, 2021
Best Stencils & Templates

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CH HAICHENG 4 x 7-Inch Plastic Stencils & Templates, 20-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


4 x 7-Inch Plastic Stencils & Templates, 20-Piece

With 20 pieces, you'll find a little bit of everything with this journal stencil set. If you accidentally mark on one of the stencils, simply clean it off with warm, soapy water and air dry. The size of each stencil is 4 inches by 7 inches, making it perfect for any A5 notebook or planner.

Overall Take

For Journals and PlannersIf you're into journaling and planning, this stencil set is a great addition to your toolkit.

 Runner Up

AOOIIN 12 x 12-Inch Blank Mylar Plastic Stencils & Templates, 25-Piece


12 x 12-Inch Blank Mylar Plastic Stencils & Templates, 25-Piece

Take your projects to the next level with this set of mylar plastic sheets. They're flexible and easy to use while also being sturdy enough to endure regular use. You'll get a package of 25 sheets in this set.

Overall Take

For Signs and BakingPerfect for signs and larger projects, these mylar sheets are sturdy and reliable.

 We Also Like

Zonon 6.3 x 6.3-Inch Floral Stencils & Templates, 16-Piece


6.3 x 6.3-Inch Floral Stencils & Templates, 16-Piece

Get back to nature with this 16-piece stencil set that lets you create a variety of flowers and birds. The stencils are attached with an open metal ring to keep everything together. Choose from three different sizes to suit the needs of various projects.

Overall Take

Create Big, Beautiful FlowersYou'll get 16 different stencils that make it easy to create large, eye-catching flowers.

 Strong Contender

DEPEPE 6.3 x 9.7-Inch Whimsical Plastic Stencils & Templates, 12-Piece


6.3 x 9.7-Inch Whimsical Plastic Stencils & Templates, 12-Piece

You'll get 12 stencils in this set, each sized 6.3 inches by 9.7 inches. Made of PET plastic, these stencils are easy to clean and small enough to store when you aren't using them. There are no sharp edges, so you can hand them over to your kids to use for their projects.

Overall Take

Butterflies and FlowersAdd a little nature to your journal or planner with this 12-piece set of stencils.

Buying Guide

If you’ve seen today’s fancy planners and journals, you may feel like you need to be an artist to get in on the fun. But there are many tools that can help, such as stencils that will guide you as you put pen to paper and neatly draw designs.

Stenciling is an art in itself. Securing the stencil to the surface beneath it is key to ensuring you get solid, straight lines. This is especially important if you’re using paint or ink to completely fill in the area inside the stencil, rather than simply drawing an outline around a blank area on the page.

Most stencils are a thick plastic material that allows you to easily trace the outline on a piece of paper. But if you’re working with wood or a large canvas, you might want one that’s a little thinner to create a smoother edge around the image you’re creating.

For larger projects, the images themselves will be larger, too, so you’ll need a different type of stencil than you’d use for a journal or planner.

What to Look For

  • Don’t feel like you can’t mark on your stencil. Most stencils are made to be easily cleaned with just soapy water. You’ll want to clean them as quickly as possible after use to make sure the ink or paint doesn’t have time to dry on the plastic.
  • After each use, clean your stencils and set them out to thoroughly dry before packing them up and storing them.
  • Your little ones might want to get in on the fun, too. Look for stencils that have smooth edges and are recommended for children. You can also find stencils with kid-friendly images.
  • Stencil sheets come in a variety of sizes. Smaller ones can be easier to store and they more easily attach to larger pages while you’re working. But keeping up with multiple sheets of stencils can be tough. Some come with a ring that you can use to hold everything together.
  • While you’re checking the size of the stencil sheet itself, take a close look at the size of the images it will create. You might be disappointed to find that the images are much smaller or larger than you expected, making them unsuitable for your project.
  • Some stencils are hole-punched to make them easy to store in your planner or journal. If you use the same sheet often, this could be a great way to keep it handy at all times.

More to Explore

Stenciling dates back as far as the Paleolithic era, when cave drawings hint that artists had some help creating their sketches.

And long before technology made it easy to reproduce images, stencils were still used as a way to ensure artwork remained consistent across multiple products. If you were creating a sign before printing became readily accessible, for instance, you could use stencils to make each letter on that sign so the words would all have the same look.

Today, stencils are popular for artwork, being used in everything from planners to storefront signs to the icing on baked goods.

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