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Last updated on October 12, 2023
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Whether you need to attach a couple of pages of documents together or want to join papers together for a craft project, using a stapler offers a faster and more secure way to do the job than using paper clips. This standard home and office tool allows you to punch one staple at a time, is easy to reload and works well with a staple remover in case you need to disconnect the papers later. You can also use a stapler for tacking items.

When shopping for a stapler, you’ll need to decide whether you want a manual or electric version. A manual stapler will require some effort to press down but is often lightweight and portable, plus it gives you the flexibility to use it even without power. On the other hand, an electric stapler gets rid of the effort required and can often handle larger paper qualities, but you’ll need to be near an outlet or have batteries handy to use it.

While electric staplers often can handle heavy-duty jobs with little effort, results will vary with manual staplers. Some can handle as little as 10 pages, while others may support 50 or more. So you’ll need to think about your intended use. Heavy-duty manual staplers do exist for tougher jobs when you need the flexibility of not needing power.

Many electric staplers are larger models designed to sit on a desk, but you can find manual staplers in a wider variety of sizes and use styles. Larger desktop staplers also have tiny cousins: mini staplers that can fit in a pencil pouch, as well as handheld staplers with a special grip.

When buying a manual stapler, you’ll particularly want to pay attention to how ergonomic the tool is so that you don’t strain your hand. Since electric staplers tend to jam less, you might opt for that type, or at least seek a manual stapler with anti-jam technology for better results. You can find other stapler features like a built-in stapler remover or effortless technology as well.

Our Picks For The Top Staplers

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 Top Pick

Bostitch Office No-Jam Desktop Stapler, 40-Sheet

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Office No-Jam Desktop Stapler, 40-Sheet

While some staplers are only able to handle five sheets of paper at once, this model can combine 40 sheets! That makes it an excellent choice for both crafts and office use. The portable stapler won't take up much room on your desk and it can even be stored vertically as well as horizontally.

Overall Take

Compact PowerYou'll find this no-jam stapler is available in a variety of colors, including metallic purple, blue and gold.

 Runner Up

EcoElectronix High Capacity Impact-Resistant Stapler, 30-Sheet


High Capacity Impact-Resistant Stapler, 30-Sheet

Available in a choice of black or white, this stapler works well for home, school or office use. It's slim in design and easily portable when necessary. Users will also appreciate that it's automatic and can be powered either through batteries or an AC adapter.

Overall Take

Most VersatileWith this stapler, you'll be able to secure up to 30 pages at once.

 Strong Contender

SEAKOS Colorful Acrylic Stapler, 25-Sheet


Colorful Acrylic Stapler, 25-Sheet

Students, teachers and business owners will love this reliable stapler. It's translucent, allowing users to keep an eye on when the tool needs to be reloaded. Included with the stapler, which can handle up to 25 sheets of paper at once, is a set of 1,000 staples.

Overall Take

Affordable PickStocking up on office supplies doesn't have to cost a fortune, thanks to this budget-friendly price tag on this stapler.

  The Best Value

Amazon Basics Rotatable Anvil Stapler, 10-Sheet

Amazon Basics

Rotatable Anvil Stapler, 10-Sheet

Handling 10 sheets of paper and featuring a non-slip bottom, this manual stapler can handle many basic jobs around the home or office. It comes with 1,000 staples to get started.

Overall Take

Great for OfficesIf you only need to staple a few pages together, this basic office stapler can handle the job.

What to Look For

  • To prevent damaging your stapler or dealing with a jam, always check the maximum number of papers your stapler can handle. You’ll also want to make sure you have them all in order and in the right orientation to avoid needing to remove the staples and redo the process later.
  • If you do end up with a staple jammed, you can use tweezers or scissors to pull the stuck staple out of your stapler.
  • While you can check your stapler’s instructions for certainty, refilling the staples often just requires opening the top of the device, pushing back a spring and then inserting the staples.
  • When shopping for replacement staples, always check for the right size. Most desktop staplers will use standard-sized staples that you’ll find widely available in different quantities. However, mini staplers often use a smaller version that may be harder to find.
  • If your stapler seems stuck, the problem can range from having inserted the wrong type of staples to having something stuck inside the device.
  • Be very careful and keep your fingers away from the part where the staples come out. If you need to work on unjamming an electric stapler, you’ll also want to disconnect the power.
  • Unless your stapler’s instructions describe a capability for handling heavier materials, avoid using it to stapler anything heavier than standard paper.
  • Alongside standalone staplers, you can find stapler kits that come with handy accessories like staple removers and extra staples. Purchasing one of these packages might help you save money versus buying the items separately and can offer the convenience of having everything you might need at once.

More to Explore

While people used to have to use some type of adhesive between each paper to secure them, the stapler’s invention would lead to a handy tool found in just about any setting. The tool traces back to 18th century France, when King Louis XV requested that someone make a version only for him. It wasn’t until the late 1800s when various inventors would file patents for their versions of the stapler.

While there’s debate over the identity of the first inventor, an 1866 version by George McGill would soon after get marketed to the general public. However, the early version was difficult to refill and had more limited use than modern staplers.