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Last updated on January 4, 2023
Best Squishy

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FLY2SKY Easy Clean Cute Squishy Animals, 30-Piece

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Easy Clean Cute Squishy Animals, 30-Piece

Whether you're looking to relieve stress or surprise your students, this squishy set is the way to go. The set features 30 pieces that include a variety of cute animals, such as rabbits, porcupines and penguins. Each is mini in size, but easy to clean with a little soap and water.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickThis set of adorable squishies is affordable for most.

 Runner Up

ROSYKIDZ Stretchy Rubber Squishy Animals, 40-Piece


Stretchy Rubber Squishy Animals, 40-Piece

Since this squishy set includes 40 pieces, you'll find it's perfect for stuffing stockings, rewarding students for a good report card or for encouraging pretend play among daycare children. Each of the squishies is small in size and designed to be squeezed and stretched.

Overall Take

Most VersatileWith this squishy set, you'll receive a host of colorful creatures, including a unicorn, elephant, duck and polar bear.

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YIHONG Non-Toxic TPR Kawaii Squishy Animals, 72-Piece


Non-Toxic TPR Kawaii Squishy Animals, 72-Piece

With 72 different designs, this squishy set is ideal for a goody bag giveaway or keeping an entire classroom or daycare entertained. Safe for children ages 3 years and up, these toys can be cleaned by simply rinsing with water. Each toy is between 1.5 and 2.5 inches and made from nontoxic thermoplastic rubber.

Overall Take

Supercharge Your CollectionIf you’ve been interested in getting a squishy collection started, this set of 72 different designs is a great start.

 Strong Contender

YOAUSHY Polyurethane Foam Squishy Animals & Foods, 6-Piece


Polyurethane Foam Squishy Animals & Foods, 6-Piece

You’ll get six squishies in this set, including narwhale and deer cakes, a unicorn doughnut, a unicorn horse, a spoon cat and a panda. These toys are made from safe polyurethane foam that’s extra-soft and slow rising. Each toy measures just a few inches in height and width, making them perfect for any toybox or playroom shelf.

Overall Take

Great as GiftsWith six separate pieces included, this set is ideal for giving as gifts, especially if you’re buying for multiple youths.

Buying Guide

They’ve become all the rage over the past few years. Originating in Japan, toys made from soft polyurethane foam have become popular with children, and some adults are even jumping in on the fun. Part of the popularity is due to social media. People love to share their squishy toy collections on platforms like Instagram.

But squishies aren’t just good for showing off. Studies have shown that squeezing and releasing a polyurethane foam ball can help with stress relief, making them a great way for children to work off some steam. Use of stress balls has also been linked to improved attention spans. Since squishies feature similar builds to stress balls, children, as well as adults, may find they’re enjoying some of those same benefits.

There are many different types of squishy toys, so it’s important to know all your options before buying. Here are some squishy categories to review before you shop.

  • Slow-rising squishy: With this type of toy, the material takes a while to resume its original shape after being squeezed. You’ll see some toys labeled as semi-slow rising, which simply means that it falls between squishies with fast- and slow-rising speeds.
  • Scented squishy: Yes, some squishy toys come in pretty-smelling varieties. You’ll find squishies that smell floral or fruity and others that smell like food.
  • Soft squishy: Normal squishies aren’t exactly hard, but these toys are extra soft, giving them an additional layer of squeezability.
  • Dense squishy: If you prefer your toys less squeezable, this is the design you’re seeking.
  • Deco squishy: Kids can have a little fun with these toys, which let them add their own designs to the surface using markers, glitter and other craft tools.
  • Licensed squishy: Toys that feature licensed characters fall under this category and may be more expensive due to licensing fees.
  • DIY squishy: Yes, you can make your own squishy toy using materials like clay, memory foam and sponge.
  • Squeeze toys: These toys aren’t actual squishies, but they can give the same effect.

What to Look For

  • Stress relief is one of the biggest benefits of squishies. This doesn’t just apply to kids, either. Adults have found they can ease anxiety and relax by simply grabbing one of these toys and squeezing for a while.
  • Squishies are typically sold in sets. Keep in mind that quality can differ, so if you’re buying a large set, take a close look at the quality of construction. The paint can sometimes rub off on some squishies, so you might not get the durability you expect from a large, inexpensive set.
  • With many large squishy sets, the assortment is random, so you might only get one or two, if any, of a particular design with repeats of some of the others.
  • Squishy toys can vary in size, so look closely at the dimensions of the toys you’re buying. Many are only a couple of inches in height and width, and it might be tough to tell just how small something is if you’re buying online.
  • When you’re looking for a giveaway for goody bags or a toy to entertain large numbers of children, a high-volume squishy set could be a great option.
  • For collectors, smaller sets where you’re guaranteed to receive the toys pictured are a far better option than taking your chances with a set where the selection is random.
  • Squishy toys are made from rubber and filled with an expanding foam that gives them that elasticity you need. This ensures when you squeeze it, it returns to its original shape soon after. It also gives you the durability necessary if you’re using it for weeks and months.
  • You can easily clean squishies. Wiping them with water will likely do it, but you can also apply a little dish soap to wash away more stubborn dirt.
  • Most squishies are rated safe for children ages 3 and up, but check the specific warnings with the toys you’re buying. It’s always best to supervise younger children while they’re playing.

More to Explore

Stress balls can be traced all the way back to 1969, when Nerf balls revealed a market for softer toys. This laid the groundwork for what would later become squishy toys. But the next innovation in the space didn’t come until 1988, when TV writer Alex Carswell came up with the idea that would become the first commercial stress ball.

In 2018, a new toy called Orbeez introduced younger generations to the joys of squeezing rubbery objects as stress relief. Orbeez balls were filled with jelly-like beads that expanded when the ball came into contact with water. Squishy toys are only the latest rubbery toy to become popular with children and adults. They got their start in Japan, where they’re called Kawaii Squishes, which means “cute squishes” in Japanese.

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