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The Best Snowshoes For Men

Last updated on April 11, 2022

We looked at the top 9 Snowshoes For Men and dug through the reviews from 26 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Snowshoes For Men.

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Our Picks For The Top Snowshoes For Men

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 Top Pick

Odoland Lightweight Aluminum Alloy 4-In-One Snowshoes for Men

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Lightweight Aluminum Alloy 4-In-One Snowshoes for Men

If you love spending time in the great outdoors during the colder winter months, these snowshoes for men are a must. They come in a handy bag and feature everything you need to trek safely through the snow. The set includes ski poles, snow gators and shoes with sawtooth grip teeth for excellent traction.

Overall Take

Perfect for the Whole FamilyYou'll find these snowshoes for men also come in sizes and styles for women and children.

" This popular Odoland set comes with a pair of snowshoes, two trekking poles, waterproof snow leg gaiters, and a carrying bag to store them in."
"It would be ideal if side crampons were included. Now, the snowshoes are not suitable for all terrains, or at least for variable terrains."
 Runner Up

G2 GO2GETHER Padded Ratchet Binding Aluminum Snowshoes for Men


Padded Ratchet Binding Aluminum Snowshoes for Men

Support is what you get with these high-quality snowshoes for men. The shoes not only have durable ratchet binding, but they also feature a sturdy backstrap and a special toe box. The professionally-designed set is even padded using an EVA foam for improved comfort and warmth.

Overall Take

Full SetIncluded with these snowshoes for men are a set of telescoping trekking poles and a convenient carrying bag.

" Each kit comes with a pair of lightweight aluminum snowshoes, two adjustable poles, and a carrying case for added convenience."
"Binding may not attach well to your boots of choice"
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FLASHTEK Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Snowshoes for Men


Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Snowshoes for Men

With these snowshoes for men, you have options. They come in three different sizes and five fun colors. The materials are lightweight for easy carrying, as well as ergonomically designed to make your time in the snow more comfortable.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalIf you're planning a winter escape on a budget, these affordable snowshoes for men are the way to go.

" The Flashtek snowshoes sport an aluminum frame as well as aluminum crampons for added stability."
"Not as durable as others, traction isn’t as good as others, flotation isn’t as good as others"
 Strong Contender

Retrospec Fully Adjustable Drifter Snowshoe for Men


Fully Adjustable Drifter Snowshoe for Men

Making your way through the forest when the ground is white requires having snowshoes with excellent traction. That's what this set for men has to offer. Each pair is outfitted with both heel lifters and a full-floating pivot system to make every step count. You can even get the snowshoes in one of five different colors.

Overall Take

Increased TractionOrder these snowshoes for men in size 21 inches for up to 120 pounds, 25 inches for up to 150 pounds or 30 inches for up to 210 pounds.

" Made with tough polyethylene decks for better support and lightweight alloy frames for easier control. Has double-ratchet binding system for quick and secure fastening. Comes with mesh, vented carrying bag."
"Traction too light for steeper climbs"

Buying Guide

Wintertime sports gear tends to focus on ice skating, skiing and snowboarding. But there’s another fun sport that can easily be overlooked. Snowshoeing is a form of hiking that takes people from standard hiking trails to trails covered in snow.

But planning a hike on snow-covered trails requires a few extra safety precautions. You’ll need to stock up on the right gear, along with checking weather conditions before you go. Avalanches can be deadly, so it’s important to monitor reports at the Northwest Avalanche Center for any warnings for the area before you set out.

In addition to a good pair of ski poles for stability and a backpack with water and other essentials, you’ll need to be dressed for your adventure. Dress in layers, incorporating materials that both insulate for warmth and repel water to keep you dry. These layers will allow you to take items off if you start to sweat throughout the day.

But the most important thing when you’re trudging through snowy paths is the right pair of shoes. Snowshoes for men are designed to slice through snow to help clear your path as you walk. They attach to your boots to serve as long soles. Snowshoes have been around for centuries, but modern versions are more lightweight than their earlier counterparts to keep them both affordable and reduce your load when walking long distances.

There are a couple of extra-valuable features in any pair of snowshoes for men. Floatage is a word you’ll see often. This simply describes the interaction between the shoe and the snow. A properly designed snowshoe will keep you from sinking too far in the snow, essentially allowing you to “float” over part of its surface.

Another feature is a heel riser. This keeps the heel slightly elevated to give you support as you’re dealing with inclined surfaces. If you’re taking a hike through the mountains, this can dramatically reduce the work you have to put in with each step, allowing you to move farther without becoming overly fatigued.

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Our experts reviewed the top 9 Snowshoes For Men and also dug through the reviews from 26 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Snowshoes For Men.

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What to Look For

  • Snowshoes for men have a capacity limit. Make sure your chosen set can handle your weight along with the weight of your boots and your pack.
  • Some snowshoes for men come with adjustable straps that can help you find that perfect fit.
  • Good snowshoes for men provide durability while still keeping things light. Many are built using a lightweight aluminum that’s built to last.
  • Grip teeth are an essential part of most snowshoes for men. They offer the traction you need when you’re moving over slick surfaces.
  • Getting your snowshoes for men on and off can be challenging. Look for one with an easy-snap buckle that you can operate even when your fingers are ice cold.
  • Some snowshoes have a built-in heel riser to help with those inclines. That’s especially important if you plan to hike through the mountains.
  • You’ll need a carrying bag to store your snowshoes for men in. Some come with a carrying case to help with this. It can come in handy to keep your snowshoes separate from the other items in your backpack or travel luggage.
  • You’ll also need poles if you want help with balance while you’re trudging through the snow. Some snowshoes for men come with poles, but you might prefer to shop for your own. Then you can buy exactly what you need.
  • Snowshoes have a limit on the weight they can handle. Keep in mind you’re not just checking the capacity of your own body, but also the gear you’ll be carrying in your backpack and the weight of your snow boots.
  • Some snowshoes have foam built in for extra comfort. If this is the case, you’ll want to make sure the foam air dries when you come back from your hike.

More to Explore

Snowshoeing might seem like a dangerous sport, but it’s actually safer than skiing, snowboarding or even walking in street shoes on ice or snow. With the right pair of snowshoes, you’ll be able to grip the snow and get extra traction. For that reason, the sport has become popular in recent years,

That said, snowshoeing is not completely without danger. Falling is always a risk when you’re hiking, especially on slippery surfaces, but getting lost, suffering frostbite and avalanches are all real dangers. Being aware of these risks and preparing for them can help keep you safe. With snowshoes, a big risk comes when you’re first growing accustomed to walking in them. That makes it important to take the time to get comfortable before you hit the trails.

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