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The Best Shower Steamers

Last updated on January 25, 2022
Best Shower Steamers

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Cleverfy Essential Oil Variety Shower Steamers, 6-Pack

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Essential Oil Variety Shower Steamers, 6-Pack

This set of shower steamers comes with six different scents, such as menthol, grapefruit and peppermint. The scent is strong and creates relaxation. The set also comes with a book on aromatherapy.

Overall Take

Different ScentsThis set of shower steamers includes lavender, vanilla, watermelon and more.

 Runner Up

Aofmee Aromatherapy Assortment Shower Steamers, 8-Pack


Aromatherapy Assortment Shower Steamers, 8-Pack

You get eight unique scents with this shower steamer kit. The scents are said to be long lasting and relaxing. The steamers are also beautifully packaged and would make a great gift.

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Long-LastingThese shower steamer scents are unique and lasting.

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Kandoona ZenTyme Vaporizing Fresh & Handmade Shower Steamers, 6-Pack


ZenTyme Vaporizing Fresh & Handmade Shower Steamers, 6-Pack

These shower steamers are handmade in the U.S. They have fresh and natural scents such as citrus, lavender and chamomile. The steamers are infused with high-quality essential oils.

Overall Take

Handmade OptionThese shower steamers are made by hand in the United States.

 Also Great

Mineral Me Stress Relieving Assortment Shower Steamers, 6-Pack

Mineral Me

Stress Relieving Assortment Shower Steamers, 6-Pack

These luxurious shower steamers make you feel as though you are in a spa. The set comes with six steamers in scents like orange ginger and Moroccan rose. The steamers are elegantly packaged for gifting.

Overall Take

Luxurious ChoiceTurn your shower into a spa with these high-quality shower steamers.

Buying Guide

Whether you shower in the morning to get energized for the day ahead of you or shower at night to relax before heading off to sleep, it’s important to use the time to be in the moment. Instead of thinking about all the chores you still have left to do or the work you’ll need to complete the next day, focus on the feeling of the water, the relaxing sound of it trickling and the scents of your bath products. This small act of mindfulness, no matter how brief your showers may be, can help you feel calm and collected. A shower steamer is a great bath product to add to your daily shower routine.

A shower steamer is essentially like a bath bomb. However, instead of putting the disc into your bath water, you hang it up in the shower. When a little bit of water hits the shower steamer, it begins to fizz, which releases essential oils and scents into the shower. This creates an aromatherapeutic experience that people love. Your smell receptors are activated and begin to communicate with areas of your brain that affect emotion. Whether you’re feeling burnt out or stressed, cheerful or energized, the scents from the shower steamers can help you find balance and peace.

When you’re in a hurry but want a relaxing experience, shower steamers are a practical option. Unlike bath bombs, which take more time to use, shower steamers work quickly. Not only that, but most shower steamers can be used multiple times. This makes them an affordable choice as well, especially compared to bath bombs which can only be used once. Shower steamers also don’t leave any essential oils on your skin unlike bath bombs, which is a concern for some people.

What to Look For

  • Using a shower steamer is easy.  First, take it out of the package. Some shower steamers come with a mesh bag that they should be used in while others can be used on their own. Place a couple of drops of water onto the steamer and then hang up the mesh bag somewhere in the shower. Note that the shower steamer should not be under the direct stream of the water. In a few minutes, the shower steamer will begin to release aromatherapy scents.
  • You can reuse most shower steamers a few times. Keep in mind that you have to reactive the steamer each time you use it by sprinkling a few drops of water onto the disk.
  • If you typically take cold showers, you may not have as much success with shower steamers. In order for them to work properly, you will need to take a warm or hot shower, which is what helps to release the essential oils in the disc.
  • To make your shower steamer last longer, ensure that it doesn’t get too wet. It should only get a few drops of water on it to activate and then should be kept out of the stream of the shower. If it gets soaked, then it will begin to dissolve.
  • If you find that the scent of the shower steamer is too strong for you, you can hang it up somewhere outside the shower once you have activated it. This will help to dilute the scent.
  • Shower steamers are available in a variety of scents, such as lavender, peppermint, vanilla, eucalyptus and more. Choose a scent based on how you want to feel after your shower.

More to Explore

Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. During ancient times, aromatics were used for religious purposes, as well as medicinal purposes, all over the world, in places including India, China and Egypt.

In France in 1830, perfume-makers studied essential oils, which was quickly noticed by leading scientists at the time. They expanded the study to include the antiseptic effects of oregano, cinnamon and clove essential oils on anthrax patients.

It wasn’t until 1935 that the term “aromatherapy” was used by a French chemist, after he claimed he’d treated a burn using lavender essential oil.

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