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The Best Shoe Storage

Last updated on November 3, 2023
Best Shoe Storage

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Prepac Tall Shoe Chest Cabinet, 36-Pair

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Tall Shoe Chest Cabinet, 36-Pair

This sophisticated, sturdy and well-made shoe rack is about 6 feet fall and two feet across. It is made from non-toxic composite laminated wood and has a strong medium-density fiberboard (MDF) back.

Overall Take

For All Your FootwearYou can fit a total of 36 pairs of shoes in this beautiful piece, which will enhance your space while organizing it.

 Runner Up

ERONE Stackable 8-Tier Shoe Rack


Stackable 8-Tier Shoe Rack

If you live in a small apartment, condo or home, this shoe rack is an ideal choice. It's vertical design saves space, and you'll get a total of eight tiers to hold all of your shoes, purses, plants or books. The unit is extremely affordable and can be assembled quickly upon arrival.

Overall Take

Tall PickYou'll find this shoe rack comes in a choice of black, gray or brown.

 Runner Up

MISSLO 24-Mesh Pocket Closet Hanging Shoe Organizer


24-Mesh Pocket Closet Hanging Shoe Organizer

If you wear a large shoe size or have bulkier shoes, this organizer comes with bigger pockets that may hold one or two shoes. The 24 pockets are mesh for better ventilation, and you get five color options.

Overall Take

Wide CompatibilityAccommodating for various shoe sizes and styles, this organizer offers plenty of space and visibility with mesh pockets.

 We Also Like

StorageWorks 6-Shelf Closet Hanging Shoe Organizer


6-Shelf Closet Hanging Shoe Organizer

This organizer comes in three colors and both 12-inch and 13.6-inch wide options for the six shelves. It's made to withstand heavier items and comes with a few mesh pockets to store extras.

Overall Take

Multiple SizesWith two shelf widths available and a 50-pound capacity, this organizer offers you flexibility and durability.

Buying Guide

Although it varies from one person to another, the average household in the U.S. has multiple pairs of shoes. According to one survey, 75% of women report owning more than 21 pairs of shoes, with 95% saying they own more than 10 pairs.

Unless your closets have built-in shelving, you’ll likely find that you struggle to find a place to keep all that footwear. You can line them up on the floor, but when it’s time to find a specific pair, you may find not having separate slots makes it a challenge. A good shoe organizer can make all the difference.

There are several options for storing your shoes. One type of storage solution slides your shoes under your bed. This can be great for tucking out-of-season shoes out of the way, or storing children’s shoes in a room without sufficient closet space. Over-door hanging shoe storage can free up floor space, making the most of an area you aren’t using, anyway. Lastly, there’s shelving, which is more of a commitment but can give you more options, as well as a more long-lasting solution.

What to Look For

  • If you want your shoes to last, a storage option that separates each pair while also protecting them can give you a better shot at it.
  • Wire racks are popular for shoe storage, but if you have stilettos, you’ll quickly learn a lesson many other shoe owners have over the years. Wire simply doesn’t work with slimmer heels because they slip through the slots. Wire racks can also make it tough to line your shoes up. Over time, you’ll develop the tendency to pile shoes on top of each other, potentially damaging them and causing clutter.
  • Whatever storage solution you choose, you can save time by categorizing them. Make sure the shoes you wear most often are easiest to reach. If it’s an over-door hanging storage option or tiered shelves, having them at eye level may be best.
  • As you add shoes, you may have to make some tough decisions. You’ll be fine until you run out of space, but once you reach capacity, you’ll have to decide whether to add more storage or start getting rid of shoes you never wear.
  • If you have unused space under any of the beds in your home, an under-bed shoe storage option could be great for holding out-of-season shoes or shoes you rarely wear.

More to Explore

While not all women love shoes, studies show they tend to have a much larger collection than men do. There’s a reason for this. Suzanne Ferriss wrote in her book “Footnotes: On Shoes” that buying new footwear stimulates an area of the brain connected to collecting items. Just as a stamp collector or coin collector experiences a surge of adrenaline at a new find, shoe buyers feel that same surge. This is coupled with the production of dopamine that happens whenever someone tries on a clothing item. Unfortunately, often that adrenaline rush starts to dissipate as soon as you swipe your card at the register.

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