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The Best Self-Inking Stamp

Last updated on July 31, 2023

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Miseyo Time Saving Eco-Friendly Self-Inking Date Stamp

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Time Saving Eco-Friendly Self-Inking Date Stamp

Perfect for home and office use, this self-inking stamp is a cinch to use. Simply set the month, day and year and the press the stamp down over your document. Included with the stamp are two black in refills, which should last you a long time.

Overall Take

Affordable Price TagIf you're searching for an economical self-inking stamp, this option is an excellent choice.

 Runner Up

904 Custom Rubber Multi-Font Self-Inking Address Stamp

904 Custom

Rubber Multi-Font Self-Inking Address Stamp

With this self-inking stamp, you'll be able to choose up to four lines of text in one of five popular fonts. There's also the option to select a color ink, should you wish to stand out from the traditional black. Since the ink pad is built-in, all you need to do is press down on the top of the stamp to use it.

Overall Take

Customizable SetThanks to the see-through base on this self-inking stamp, you won't have any trouble lining it up with your document.

 We Also Like

ExcelMark Transparent Base Self-Inking Stamp


Transparent Base Self-Inking Stamp

Customize your self-inking stamp exactly how you want it with 11 color choices and 17 font choices. The stamp has a replaceable ink pad available in many colors. The stamp can accommodate three lines of text.

Overall Take

Lots of OptionsThis self-inking stamp offers 11 color choices and 17 font choices.

 Strong Contender

Rubber Stamp Creation Personalizable Self-Inking Stamp

Rubber Stamp Creation

Personalizable Self-Inking Stamp

This large self-inking stamp has lots of space for five lines of text. It can be customized using many different colors and fonts. The stamp is easy to re-ink.

Overall Take

Lots of SpaceThis large size self-inking stamp can accommodate five lines of text.

Buying Guide

Dealing with an ink pad for stamps can be a frustrating experience. For one, the ink can be messy and get all over your fingers and papers. The open ink pad can also dry up, leaving the stamp useless till you get more ink. A great solution to use instead is a self-inking stamp. As the name suggests, the stamp inks itself; with a spring-loaded stamp body, the stamp rotates directly onto an internal ink pad for each use. This way of inking the stamp is quick, clean and easy to use.

Some people confuse self-inking stamps with pre-inked stamps. While they sound similar, they are actually not the same. Self-inking stamps typically use water-based ink while pre-inked stamps use oil-based ink. Usually, a self-inking stamp can be used about 10,000 times before it requires a replacement inkpad, and is a more economical option for many people. Pre-inked stamps, while more costly than self-inking stamps, can be used about 50,000 times before they need to be re-inked.

Self-inking stamps are most commonly used for business purposes. In some industries, paper documents are still commonplace. Some processes require paper documents to receive certain approvals or messages, which employees can use stamps for instead of writing out notes by hand. Self-inking stamps are a great idea when business processes require employees to note the same text on a large amount of documents in a short amount of time. The text on self-inking stamps can be customized based on your business needs. Usually, there is room for between one and three lines of text on a self-inking stamp.

What to Look For

  • One of the most important aspects to think about when getting a self-inking stamp is what text you want it to have. The goal of a self-inking stamp is to save time and energy in handwriting the same information multiple times, for example, “This document is approved,” or “This permit is cancelled.” Some people also use self-inking stamps for their mailing address or contact information. Depending on the business process you’re using the stamp for, be sure to carefully consider what you need to stamp to print.
  • Many self-inking stamps can accommodate between one and three lines of text. Each line can accommodate a certain number of characters. To ensure your message fits properly and displays the way you want it to, it’s best to write it out a few times in different ways by hand to see what will work best for your stamp.
  • If you will need the self-inking stamp for heavy use, it’s best to check how long the internal ink pad will last. Some stamps actually have a double-sided ink pad so it lasts longer. Others come with replaceable ink pads so you can easily switch the old one out for a new one.
  • While black is a common ink color for stamps, some self-inking stamps have other options such as blue, red, green, yellow, brown and purple. Consider what color ink will be best for the purpose of your self-inking stamp. For example, if the stamp denotes an approval for a process, you may want to consider green ink; if a stamp denotes a cancellation or rejection for a process, you may want to consider red ink.

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Did you know that the first form of stamping didn’t involve ink, but actually used wax? Wax seals were used for verifying the authenticity of products and for official documentation. Today, wax seals are predominately decorative, but for millennia they served an important purpose. People typically wore signet rings as a form of jewelry and used the ring to make an impression in the wax. Signet rings were created uniquely, so only one person would have use of that specific rings, ensuring the verification and authenticity of the seal.

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