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The Best Salt For Cooking

Last updated on June 14, 2023
Best Salt For Cooking

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FreshJax Organic Kosher Salt For Cooking, 5-Pack

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Organic Kosher Salt For Cooking, 5-Pack

You'll get not one, not two, but five different flavors when you go with this salt for cooking set. Prepare a spicy dish with the hot siracha salt or keep things mild with the rosemary lemon blend. All five organic spice blends are free of artificial flavors, gluten and GMOs.

Overall Take

Biggest VarietyThese salt for cooking blends taste great on meats, vegetables and snacks, like popcorn and homemade chips.

 Runner Up

Saltverk Mineral-Fresh Icelandic Salt For Cooking


Mineral-Fresh Icelandic Salt For Cooking

Hand harvested straight from Iceland, this salt for cooking is full of flavor and sure to bring your favorite dish to the next level. The sea salt is also rich in minerals, making it a healthy choice. Use it on fish, chicken, homemade French fries or steamed broccoli.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionThe affordable price tag on this salt for cooking makes it an excellent buy when shopping on a budget.

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Maldon Soft & Crunchy Sea Salt Flakes For Cooking


Soft & Crunchy Sea Salt Flakes For Cooking

Made in the U.K., these seat salt flakes are a foodie favorite. The company has been making this high-quality sea salt since 1882, using time-tested, artisanal methods. Each pyramid-shaped flake has a fresh, clean taste that will elevate your dishes and drinks to the next level.

Overall Take

Flavorful Kitchen HelperPerfect for all sorts of recipes, this salt for cooking has a unique shape to boost flavor.

 Strong Contender

SaltWorks Hand Harvested French Grey Sea Salt For Cooking


Hand Harvested French Grey Sea Salt For Cooking

You can't go wrong with this salt for cooking, which is available from an astounding 17 different regions. You'll be able to try sea salt harvested from France, Australia, El Salvador and even the Mediterranean. All options are hand harvested and all-natural, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Overall Take

Stays FreshThis salt for cooking tastes just as good in sweet chocolates and desserts as it does on savory stews and grilled meats.

Buying Guide

Sea salt has a different taste and texture than traditional table salt. It is also made differently, as sea salt is produced when sea water evaporates in the sun, and it usually requires little or no processing. Different water sources have varying elements and trace minerals, which can lend added color and flavor to sea salt. Table salt is usually mined from salt deposits in the ground, and has to be processed to get rid of the minerals.

Sea salt and table salt have similar nutritional value, but table salt usually has added iodine, which is important for the thyroid. Both contain about the same amount of sodium.

When choosing the right sea salt for you, consider what you’ll be using it for. This can impact how finely ground a variety you’ll need.

What to Look For

  • You can buy fine, extra-fine, coarse-ground, flake and other types of sea salt. Larger pieces can pack more of a flavor punch and give your dishes more texture.
  • Himalayan salt has minerals that give it a bold taste, so you might want to try it as a finishing salt. This means that you can use it to add some flavor and texture to a completed recipe.
  • The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest limiting sodium to less than 2,300 milligrams per day. Enjoy your sea salt, but do it in moderation.

More to Explore

Sea salt tastes delicious if you sprinkle it sparingly on chocolate (try the flake variety). Believe it or not, people also use it for many other things than food and drinks.

Some feel that if you add this kitchen staple to your tub, it will make for an exceptionally relaxing bath. You can also try mixing 1/2 cup salt with 1/4 cup aloe vera gel, 1/4 cup bath oil and your favorite essential oil to make a lovely body scrub. Others use it to treat dandruff and acne.

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