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The Best RV Cover

Last updated on July 27, 2023

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Best RV Cover

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 Top Pick

ADCO 52244 Water Resistant Venting RV Cover, 26-28.6-Feet

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Water Resistant Venting RV Cover, 26-28.6-Feet

Designed for moderate climates, this RV cover will work well in rain and snow. With 2.5 feet of flex between 26 and 28.5 feet long, this cover can easily be tightly secured around your camper.

Overall Take

Rain- and Snow-ReadyTwo curbside zippered openings mean you can access your RV even while it's stowed for winter.

 Runner Up

KING BIRD Windproof Ventilating RV Cover, 30-33-Feet


Windproof Ventilating RV Cover, 30-33-Feet

You can't go wrong with this RV cover, which is five-layers thick and made with built-in air vents for breathability. The composite fabric is anti-UV and made to withstand everything from rain to snow to accidental scratches. The cover has recently been upgraded with additional straps that give it a bit more style, as well as a more snug fit.

Overall Take

Sun ProtectionWith this RV cover, you get a few extras, including four tire covers, two straps and two patches.

 Runner Up

Classic Accessories Waterproof Elastic Corners RV Cover, 18-20-Feet

Classic Accessories

Waterproof Elastic Corners RV Cover, 18-20-Feet

Designed for travel trailers, this RV cover stays firmly in place, thanks to the easy-to-use undercarriage strap system. The cover itself is nice and lightweight and able to protect your trailer from rain, wind and sun damage. For convenience, the cover also features side zipper panels for quick access to your trailer door.

Overall Take

Multiple Sizes AvailableYou'll find this RV cover is available in sizes ranging from 15 feet by 18 feet to 38 feet by 40 feet.

 Strong Contender

Classic Accessories Universal Synthetic RV Cover, 13-16-Foot

Classic Accessories

Universal Synthetic RV Cover, 13-16-Foot

As long as your trailer measures between 13 and 16 feet, this RV cover will provide the protection you need. It's constructed using a thick triple-ply fabric that features built-in vents for proper airflow. Since it's also made with UV protection, you won't have to worry about the fabric fading over time.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickKeep your travel trailer protected with this affordably priced RV cover.

Buying Guide

When shopping for the best RV cover, it’s imperative that you know the size of your RV and account for any special modifications, like an oversized rooftop air conditioner. While most RVs will work well with a standard-sized cover, if you’ve customized your ride, it may require some tailoring.

Measure from the two longest points, including ladders, bumpers and spare tires but not the hitch tongue (you won’t be covering that part). Aim for a snug fit on your RV. The more slack your cover has, the more likely it will be to suffer from wear and potentially tear in the wind or other bad weather.

If your RV is at the upper edge of a cover’s range, it may be better to go one size up and look into additional straps to help make it a snug fit. Most importantly, be sure to use your RV cover regularly so that your vehicle is protected and stays looking its best when you take a trip.

What to Look For

  • Keep an eye on the recommended climate ranges for any RV cover you are considering. If the price looks too good to be true for an all-weather cover, it probably is.
  • Try padding any sharp corners or edges on your RV before covering it to prevent accidental tears. A cheap pack of tennis balls can be cut into covers for rain gutter corners and pool noodles can be cut open to cover sharp edges.
  • Never operate your stove or other propane-fueled devices in your RV while the cover is on. Burning propane generates carbon dioxide, which will be trapped by the cover and become a serious health risk very quickly. This would be akin to running your car inside a closed garage.

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