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The Best Reusable Menstrual Pad

Last updated on November 7, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Reusable Menstrual Pads

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wegreeco Bamboo Reusable Light Menstral Pads, 6 Piece

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Bamboo Reusable Light Menstral Pads, 6 Piece

Available in 14 color and pattern combinations, these pads are made from bamboo for comfort and absorbency. You can get them in small to extra-large sizes to fit your flow. The top layer is black to hide stains.

Overall Take

Broad SelectionThese pads come in many color choices and easily suit light to very heavy flow days.

 Runner Up

Leekalos Reusable Light Menstrual Pads, 6 Piece


Reusable Light Menstrual Pads, 6 Piece

Coming in three sizes for light, moderate and heavy flow, these bamboo pads help prevent leaks and feel soft against your body. The included bag makes using the pads away from home easier. You can pick from six color options.

Overall Take

Soft and ReliableConsider these pads if you want something both comfortable and reliable.

 We Also Like

MissC2C Bamboo Charcoal Reusable Menstral Pads, 7 Piece


Bamboo Charcoal Reusable Menstral Pads, 7 Piece

These pads are made of bamboo and feature a black top lining that's both soft and hides stains. The six pads come in random patterns, and you get a handy carrying bag.

Overall Take

Come in Interesting PatternsIf you like floral and nature themes, this set of pads will give you a surprise selection.

 Strong Contender

Langsprit Bamboo Absorbent Reusable Menstral Pads, 7 Piece


Bamboo Absorbent Reusable Menstral Pads, 7 Piece

Featuring 10 pattern options, these pads are designed to not slide around so that you get security throughout the day. The bamboo material keeps you dry and comfortable. You can get the pads in small, medium or large sizes.

Overall Take

Secure and FunctionalThese pads come in many pattern options and allow for a secure fit for easy and reliable use.

Buying Guide

If you seek an economical alternative to disposables, reusable menstrual pads can both save you money over time and positively affect the environment. These pads are made of cloth and attach easily to your underwear with snaps on the wings. They’re often more comfortable and breathable than disposable pads. You may also find it more convenient to simply wash the pads rather than have to run to the store for another pack of disposable ones.

You’ll need to think about your flow since reusable menstrual pads come in various absorbencies and sizes just like disposables do. If you’re looking for something to use every day in case of spotting, you may opt for reusable pantyliners that have the lowest absorbency and smallest size. You might opt for small or mini pads for a light flow, while regular or medium pads suit moderate flow days. Large pads come in handy for your heavy days, while the largest and most absorbent pads best suit overnight use.

The reusable pads usually come in packs of several, and you’ll want to make sure you buy enough to get through your cycle without much inconvenience. This means assessing your typical flow on each day, considering the pad’s absorbency level and estimating how many pads you’ll go through each day. If you change the pad five times a day for four days, that would equal 20 pads. Of course, you can always wash the pads during your cycle and buy fewer.

The materials that the reusable menstrual pad uses are important for your comfort and the pad’s effectiveness. Bamboo and organic cotton are popular choices since they can absorb well so that you feel drier. The pads usually have a fleece-like layer that’s close to your skin and soft. The core of the pad has multiple layers for absorbency, while the pad’s backing should be waterproof to keep liquid from leaking through. Manufacturers often list the materials used for each layer.

You’ll find a wide selection when it comes to reusable menstrual pad colors. Many have patterns that might include flowers, animal prints or geometric prints. You can find solid colors too if you’d prefer pads that look plainer. In some cases, the wings will have a different color than the rest of the pad.

What to Look For

  • You should purchase a mix of different pad sizes since your flow and needs can vary from day to day. For example, you might get separate packs of pantyliners, regular pads and overnight pads.
  • If in doubt about which absorbency option to choose, consider that having something slightly more absorbent than needed is less inconvenient than a potential accident from a reusable pad that’s not absorbent enough. The drawback would just involve a bit more bulk.
  • You should change your reusable menstrual pad whenever you start feeling the pad get damp since this indicates a loss of absorbency. Often, this happens after two to six hours of wear depending on your flow and the pad.
  • A reusable pad can also serve as a form of backup protection whenever you use a menstrual cup or tampon.
  • Consider washing your reusable pads by hand or in your washing machine before you first wear them. Once you start using them, it’s helpful to soak them in water first before you begin cleaning them. Stick with gentle settings if you machine-wash the pads. It’s usually fine to put them in the dryer afterward.
  • Especially when you just start using reusable pads, consider having some backup options in case you run out or end up needing something more absorbent. In addition, you might still want to have some disposable pads or tampons on hand for traveling and other times when you can’t wash your pads conveniently.
  • You may find it handy to have a drawstring bag for storing your reusable menstrual pads.
  • As long as you purchase a high-quality product and take care of them, reusable menstrual pads can last for several years. You’ll want to be sure to wash them gently to extend their lifespan. Staining can occur after use, especially if you buy your pads in light colors, but this shouldn’t affect functionality.

More to Explore

Check out these interesting facts about menstrual pads:

  • Before commercial menstrual products hit the market, people would make their own form of sanitary napkins using fabric from home. In the late 1800s, commercial products would become available including pads that often required a special belt to wear. It took until the 1980s for disposable, belt-free maxi pads to come out in stores.
  • Did you know that over 56 million Americans use menstrual pads each year? This number is expected to decline as people opt for alternative menstrual products.
  • If you stick with disposable menstrual pads, you could end up going through 11,400 of them over all your monthly cycles. This shows just how much waste you could reduce if you started opting for reusable pads.

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