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The Best Queen Comforters

Last updated on June 28, 2022

We looked at the top 7 Queen Comforters and dug through the reviews from 13 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Queen Comforters.

Best Queen Comforters

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A comforter plays an important role in your sleeping experience. Over the years, manufacturers have found innovative ways to provide a long-lasting build while still keeping you warm and comfortable while you sleep.

But another factor has entered into recent comforter designs. At one time, down feathers were popular filler for comforters, but some are allergic to down. That has led manufacturers to look for alternatives that keep you warm without causing irritation.

If you aren’t allergic to down, your options widen. You may still want to go with an alternative, but down can be both warm and lightweight. Typically, you’ll find some type of synthetic fiber or gel insert used in place of down. Both can be lightweight, but you’ll want to look at the total weight of each comforter to determine exactly which one will provide the warmth you need without making you feel constrained.

There’s another fairly big decision you’ll need to make while you’re shopping. You can buy a duvet that acts as a filler, with a cover that serves as the exterior. This keeps your duvet clean while giving you a cover that you can remove and wash as often as you want. Otherwise, you’ll need to make sure you buy a comforter that you can launder in your washing machine to avoid having to take it to a dry cleaner every time you want to wash it.

One last consideration is stitching. You’ll want to make sure the comforter is sewn in a way that it holds the filler in place, reducing the speed at which fill will flatten or become uneven. Strong stitching is also essential to prevent the filling from leaking after you’ve used it for a while — and leaking can happen whether you’ve chosen down feathers, gel or another material as a filler.

Our Picks For The Top Queen Comforters

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Our Take
 Runner Up

EASELAND Breathable Thermal Queen Comforter

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Breathable Thermal Queen Comforter

These sheets may be light but the material makes them exceptionally comfortable. The stitching is good and there are handy tabs that make it easy to attach the duvet. The overall feel stays silky even through multiple washes.

Overall Take

Thick But LightweightThese well-crated covers feel as good as they look.

" The filling has thermal abilities so it will keep you warm all throughout the coldest winter nights yet will keep your body temperature regulated so you won’t wake up hot either."
 We Also Like

Linenspa All-Season Quilted Queen Comforter


All-Season Quilted Queen Comforter

Individuals with sensitive skin will want to opt for this hypoallergenic queen comforter. It's constructed using 100% polyester and filled with a microfiber down alternative. You can even order the comforter in a variety of colors and patterns, including gray buffalo plaid, navy polka dots and pink rugby stripes.

Overall Take

Great for Year-Round UseYou'll find eight built-in corner and side loops to keep this queen comforter secured to your favorite duvet cover.

" Users sing its praises for being lightweight and fluffy."
"Oversized comforters and larger sizes may not fit into your home washer and dryer."
 Strong Contender

Utopia Bedding Siliconized All-Season Fiberfill Queen Comforter

Utopia Bedding

Siliconized Fiberfill Queen Comforter

This queen comforter utilizes siliconized fiber filling to keep you warm and comfortable without exposing you to allergens. It measures 88 inches by 88 inches, making it ideal for a queen-size mattress. You can toss this duvet filler in the washer as long as you use the gentle cycle and cold water only.

Overall Take

Super SoftOne of the best things about this duvet insert is that it can be machine washed as needed.

 Also Great

Bedsure Quilted Down-Alternative Duvet Comforter Insert, Queen


Quilted Down-Alternative Duvet Comforter Insert, Queen

You'll get a filler made from 100% microfiber, making this queen comforter comfortable even if you want to use it without a cover. Box stitching ensures that the fill stays in place for consistent warmth. The three-dimensional build traps air to help keep you warm.

Overall Take

Machine-WashableThis duvet insert is machine washable, so it's easy to clean when needed.

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Our experts reviewed the top 7 Queen Comforters and also dug through the reviews from 13 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Queen Comforters.

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What to Look For

  • Comforters don’t last forever. Obviously, if the color starts to fade or the material becomes stained, you’ll know it’s time to switch it out. But you can also lose a comforter’s warming benefits over time. Look for signs the filler has flattened or is inconsistent when you’re trying to decide whether it’s time for a new one.
  • If you find yourself experiencing allergy symptoms during the night, your bedding may be the source of the problem. Down allergies are uncommon, but they do happen. Try sleeping without the comforter for a few nights to see if your symptoms improve. It’s more likely, though, that your allergies are caused by dust mites, which have been shown to thrive in synthetic comforters. Washing your comforter frequently can help, but dust mites completely recolonize within six weeks, making a great argument for a comforter or duvet you can toss into the washing machine.
  • Those who find themselves overly warm at night, even in the wintertime, will likely find the more lightweight the comforter, the better. If you live in a cold climate, though, a heavier comforter may help you turn the heat down at night and save a little on heating costs.
  • If you opt for the type of comforter that serves as filler for a duvet, look for one with loops that make it easy to stuff it into the cover. Then you’ll need to make sure you choose a cover with ties that allow you to anchor the corners before stuffing.
  • Some comforters come with matching pillow shams, saving you from buying separate pillows to decorate your bed once it’s made.
  • A reversible comforter will give you the choice between two different designs. You can change up the way your bedroom looks from time to time or redo your entire decor after you’ve used one side for a while.

Queen Comforter Rankings

1. EASELAND Breathable Thermal Queen Comforter

Overall Score: 9.3
Reviews Included: 5

2. Linenspa All-Season Quilted Queen Comforter

Overall Score: 9.2
Reviews Included: 10

6. Uozzi Bedding Microfiber Queen Comforter

Overall Score: 8.9
Reviews Included: 1

7. Cosybay Duvet Insert Queen Comforter

Overall Score: 8.9
Reviews Included: 1

More to Explore

When it comes to down comforters, it’s not just the feathers themselves that provide warmth. Air becomes trapped between the feathers, allowing heat to transfer more easily. But not all feathers are created equal. You need to look at the type of feathers used in the comforter. You’ll find the best quality in European and North American down, mostly due to the tight regulation of the harvesting and manufacturing procedures used. Beware of products marked “Siberian goose down.” Though Siberia is a chilly place, it has no feather-harvesting industry. Asian goose down is also worth avoiding due to the inconsistency in quality.