6 Things You Need For The Ultimate Beach Day


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It’s officially time to embrace summer and bask in the gorgeous sun rays. If you have a beach day (or several beach days, lucky you!) on the horizon, it’s time make sure that you have everything you need in your beach bag so that you can relax to the max.

Here are the top beach must-haves which will make your day as comfortable, fun and safe as possible:

1. A Fitted Bed Sheet

No, really, hear us out on this. A fitted bed sheet is such a clever lifehack that will forever change your beach experience. Instead of dealing with beach blankets or towels blowing in the wind or getting itchy with sand, bring a fitted bed sheet instead. You can bring a twin, full, queen or king, depending on how many people are with you at the beach.

Turn the sheet upside down so that the tucked part is facing up, and place your cooler and other heavy items around the edges to keep the sheet in place. (We like these sheets for your bed and for your beach day!) When the wind blows, the sheet will stay put and keep most of the sand out.

See this idea in action on the blog Team Johnson, where they note it’s perfect for little kids and babies who might be tempted to put sand in their mouths.

Team Johnson

2. A Packed Cooler

Of course, no beach day would be complete without a packed cooler filled with lots of goodies to eat and drink. Bring fresh fruit, chips and salsa, sandwiches, and water. You can even bring some homemade snacks, like these dilly ranch Cheez-Its or these everything bagel Parmesan crisps.

Want to bring alcoholic beverages? Consider cans of rosé (like this brand from Yes Way) so you won’t have to worry about bringing a bottle opener or cups, and you won’t have to break ‘no glass rule’ that most beaches and pools have).

Here are some of the best coolers for your budget.


3. Shower Curtain Liner

Here is another great way to keep your beach day as fun and family-friendly as possible. Dig a small hole in the sand and lay down a shower curtain liner inside the hole. Use buckets to fill the lined hole with water. Voila, you have now made a safe and toddler- and baby-proof area for water play!


4. Games For The Kids

If you want to make sure that you have time to relax and enjoy the rays, bring plenty of beach toys and games for the kids. Water toys like sandcastle building blocks and pails are always fun, but you can also get creative. Nerf guns are always a good way to keep kids laughing and active, which means you will have more time to get lost in a good book.


5. Wet Wipes And Baby Powder

No, these aren’t just diaper bag essentials! They are awesome for your beach bag, too. Baby powder can help to soak up excess water and remove sand painlessly (especially from the sensitive skin of little ones), and wet wipes are ideal for de-sanding feet and also cleaning hands before you eat.


6. Wireless Earbuds

No more messing around with annoying cords, or getting a suntan line from where your headphones lay across your chest. Wireless earbuds are the best way to listen to music or enjoy entertainment at the beach. Here are some of our favorites.

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