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The Best Pool Games For Teenagers

Last updated on April 18, 2022

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While some people might like to relax and steep like teabags in swimming pools, teenagers, kids and more active adults often prefer to have a splashing good time, enjoying activities like water-based sports and pool games.

Either way is valid, naturally. But the health benefits of water play are considerable and include increasing one’s heart rate, building strength, improving swimming ability and improving overall fitness. These games also build up confidence and stamina, help with hand-to-eye coordination and even hone fine motor skills.

Some of the first inflatable swimming pool games were basketball hoops, and today’s versions can be placed on the ground with weighted bases or have frames that float on water. But the current variety of pool games for sale far exceeds what was once available. They include everything from battling floats and swim-through rings to volleyball nets and diving targets.

You can also find great group games such as floating cornhole, floating buckets and ring toss sets. The pieces often float, in case you were wondering! A newer creation is the watermelon ball, which teens can bounce in and out of the pool after filling it with water.

Teenagers can get pretty rowdy in the water, so look for games made with strong, durable waterproof materials resistant to punctures, like quality PVC. And don’t forget: You don’t necessarily need to purchase full game sets. Instead, you can get some all-purpose pool toys that double as pool game accessories. For example, use floating rings, pool noodles, and people’s heads to play “Whack a Wet Mole.”

Also, consider safety! Even though experts don’t necessarily require parental supervision for teens with pool experience, it’s good to keep an eye out if there are several young people in the pool. Do your best to control alcohol access around the area as well; not only is it illegal for teenagers to drink, even adults who drink and swim may be putting themselves at risk. 

Our Picks For The Top Pool Games For Teenagers

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TURNMEON Floating Inflatable Ring Toss Pool Game For Teenagers

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Floating Inflatable Ring Toss Pool Game For Teenagers

How great is this perfectly-sized and brightly colored inflatable floating ring toss game? The cross shape measures 32 by 16 inches. It comes with four 10-inch diameter rings in red and blue, made from thick, durable PVC material.

Overall Take

Aim to WinGet the party started with this classic game that never goes out of style. Everyone will want their turn!

 We Also Like

BULZiBUCKET Floating Bucket & Sack Toss Pool Game For Teenagers


Floating Bucket & Sack Toss Pool Game For Teenagers

Here's a great game that you can play on the ground or in the water: It combines horseshoes, beer pong and cornhole with a floating 3-level bucket. Simply divide into teams and take turns pitching six hacky sacks toward the target for points.

Overall Take

Land- and Sea-FriendlySet this bucket toy up in mere minutes for hours of fun, then pack it up quickly when you're ready to go.

 Strong Contender

Watermelon Ball Sink & Float Ball Pool Game For Teenagers

Watermelon Ball

Sink & Float Ball Pool Game For Teenagers

It looks like a gigantic fruit, but once you fill this amazing watermelon ball up with water, you can play with it in or out of the water. Because it has near-neutral buoyancy, you can even bounce it off pool walls and dribble along the bottom.

Overall Take

For Splashy FunThis 9-inch ball can be passed underwater at depths down to 10 feet, so you'll never tire of playing with it!

 Also Great

GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Basketball Pool Game For Teenagers


Splash Hoop 360 Floating Basketball Pool Game For Teenagers

The GoSports floating swimming pool basketball game comes with a sturdy, well-made floating hoop, two red basketballs, its own pump and a sturdy frame that you can assemble in a few minutes. It's a slam dunk for your summer!

Overall Take

Made for FansThis basketball hoop is built to stand up to rough play and looks much more expensive than it is.

What to Look For

  • Keep inflatable pool toys away from sharp objects, and bring them inside when the weather is nasty out.
  • Many inflatable pool games can also be used indoors and are great to take on camping trips.
  • Inspect pool toys at the start of the season, as some may develop leaks or other damage over time that can affect play.
  • To clean pool toys, deflate them first, close all openings and use mild dishwashing soap and water. You can also combine two parts vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle and use that instead.
  • The fastest way to blow up pool toys and games is with electric pumps, but a hairdryer can suffice in a pinch.

More to Explore

Pool toys have a history dating back to the early 1900s, starting with the U.K.’s Dean’s Rag Book Company, which sold floaties to help children learn to swim. The inner tube-inspired swim ring followed in 1928. Rubber ducks, which actually predate these inventions, weren’t actually designed as water toys until Eleanor Shannahan of Maryland created an aquatic version in 1931, but the squeaky yellow version most people know is from sculptor Peter Ganine, who filed a patent in 1947.

Meanwhile, the beach ball was invented in 1938 by Californian Jonathon DeLonge, while pool noodles made their debut in the 1980s after Steve Hartman of Industrial Thermal Polymers developed them from a foam sealant used in construction. The trend of giant food- and -animal-shaped floats is associated with the 2010s but is still going strong today!