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The Best Plane Toys For Toddlers

Last updated on October 6, 2022
Best Plane Toys For Toddlers

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Our Picks For The Top Plane Toys For Toddlers

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Tuko Car-Carrier Cargo Plane Toy For Toddlers

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Car-Carrier Cargo Plane Toy For Toddlers

This is a totally cool, simple-to-assemble cargo plane toy for toddlers. It comes with four colorful sports cars, a helicopter, a landing pad and a ramp that all fit inside the friction-powered plane. It offers hours of creative fun and makes a great gift.

Overall Take

For Busy MindsThis complete cargo plane play set, featuring cars and a helicopter, will keep kids occupied and engage imaginations.

 Runner Up

Toysery Realistic Sound Affects Plane For Toddlers


Realistic Sound Affects Plane For Toddlers

Watch the face of your child light up with this interactive plane toy for toddlers. Not only does the plane light up, but it also makes sounds that sound just like a real jet engine. The plane is also capable of moving on it's own and is made with a built-in sensor that redirects the plane's path if any obstacles lie ahead.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this plane toy for toddlers comes in several different colors, including white, pink and blue.

 We Also Like

Kiddieland Mickey Interactive Ride-On Plane Toy For Toddlers


Mickey Interactive Ride-On Plane Toy For Toddlers

Little ones can roll themselves around on this awesome ride-on plane toy, which is powered by two AA batteries. It features a moving Mickey up front shimmying to the music; realistic revving, lift-off and landing sounds; and fun light-up patterns.

Overall Take

Magical and InteractiveYoung Mickey Mouse fans feel extra special when they’re in the driver’s seat of this bright and bold ride-on plane toy for toddlers.

 Also Great

Wonder Wheels Multi-Featured Plane Toy For Toddlers

Wonder Wheels

Multi-Featured Plane Toy For Toddlers

Designed for the youngest pilots, this adorable plane toy has a cockpit window that opens, foldout landing gear, a boarding ladder and a spinning propeller. It's great for helping children learn about all the details of flight — and it's completely recyclable, too.

Overall Take

Educational and Eco-FriendlyThis colorful, plane toy for toddlers looks sleek and modern, but has rounded, soft edges that are safe for curious, tiny fingers.

Buying Guide

Toy airplanes have been popular with children and model plane enthusiasts for ages — even before the Wright brothers flew the first powered aircraft at Kitty Hawk. These vehicles, complete with propellers and wings, are an essential part of pretend play. Kids can imagine that they are inside, soaring over and through clouds to explore the unknown.

These toys help little ones develop their fine and gross motor skills, and they can also assist in honing children’s visual tracking skills. Watching a plane zoom through the air is both a cognitive and sensory experience. Kids learn how objects work in their world and predict what they will do as they run the airplane’s wheels over floors and furniture and hoist it into the air.

Some toy airplane kits come with little people to travel in the planes, and others are part of miniature airports or sold with additional toys, like more model planes. Some come with plenty of accessories; you may wish to purchase a plane that has built-in compartments to store the smaller pieces in the set. Others are radio-controlled. You can even find ride-on toy planes that have wheels. Some of these vehicles feature familiar characters, like Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

Older children will appreciate toy plane kits that can be put together. Building a toy plane can be a nice project for parents, caregivers and siblings to join in on. Just remember to check for age-appropriate toys. Some model kits designed for older children have small pieces that could be swallowed by babies and toddlers. But even with smaller children, you can incorporate some construction play by helping them make homemade landing strips or building a garage for their plane to sit in when it’s not flying.

Basically, there is a toy airplane for every child, whether they are simply fascinated by anything with wheels or more interested in learning how planes work in minute detail. You can tailor your purchase to their interests and help them take off — both physically and metaphorically.

What to Look For

  • If you prefer toys made from sustainable products, buy ones constructed from wood or ones that are marked “recyclable.”
  • It’s always a good idea to read product descriptions and material lists when shopping for children’s toys. You’ll want playthings that are durable enough to stand up to hours of fun over the long term.
  • Most toy airplanes are designed to be played with indoors and out.
  • You may wish to shop for toy planes that can be personalized by your child. Some include stickers while others come with paint and small paintbrushes.
  • Other kinds of toddler plane toys include puzzles, plush airplane toys and soft airplane books. Think how fun it’d be for them to first read about airplanes and then to have one to play with!

More to Explore

The first model aircraft actually predates the Wright brothers — by a lot. In 1898, archaeologists uncovered one such model in Egypt, which was dated to about 250 B.C.E. It was six inches long, and had wings and something that looked like a fuselage. In ancient Greece, Achytas built a steam-powered model airplane he called “The Pigeon” that actually flew 219 yards. People like Leonardo DaVinci have also been imagining flying machines for centuries.

In the mid-19th century, a French designer named Alphonse Pénaud created a model airplane toy that actually led to the invention of powered flight. He improved on flying-toy experiments that were decades old by using tightly twisted rubber in his version, called a planophore. It was 20 inches long, made from wood, paper, steel wire, and calf’s intestines, and had a propeller, bat-like wings, and a vertical stabilizer. He flew it 130 feet in 11 seconds in Paris during an 1871 demonstration. This was the first time many had seen stability in a machine that was heavier than air.

Pénaud’s creation ended up being sold as a toy. In 1878, Orville and Wilbur Wright’s father purchased one. His children, fascinated and inspired, went on to become famous for inventing, building, and flying the world’s first motor-operated airplane. Sadly, Pénaud did not live to see what his pioneering aeronautical ideas had led to; discouraged by ridicule and unable to find financial backing for his full-scale amphibious airplane idea, he took his own life in 1880.

Today, you may still be able to find toy airplanes that resemble the ones Pénaud created. Note, however, that these aren’t necessarily appropriate for small children.

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