Is this the best pillow for side sleepers? Amazon shoppers seem to think so

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If you’re a side sleeper, there’s a chance you wake up with neck pain or a headache now and then — or even every morning — so finding the best pillow for side sleepers can be a life-changer.

Amazon shoppers are raving about one pillow in particular, calling it the best pillow for side sleepers and saying it has reduced or even stopped neck pain and headaches. These Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows are listed as an Amazon Choice product and a great pick for side sleepers, though they also apparently work well for those that sleep on their back or stomach.

The pillows come in a set of two Queens for about $26, which makes them $13 each, or two Kings for $31, or $15.50 each. You can get them in six styles, all white but with different colors on the edges, including blue, black, gray or white so the entire pillow is one color.

Filled with poly fiber filling, the Queen size measures 18 by 26 inches while the King measures 18 by 36 inches. The pillows can be easily cleaned by either hand-washing the fabric or spot-cleaning. The pillows need 48-72 hours to fully expand and will need to either be put in the dryer with two tennis balls or left in the sun for a bit to allow them to spring up.


The pillows look simple and like any other ordinary pillow, but with nearly 45,000 reviews they have an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of five. More than 70% of customers give the pillows a full five stars, saying they’re the best pillows for side sleepers, good quality, worth the money, hold their shape and drastically help with neck pain.

One reviewer who gave the pillows a perfect grade said they and their husband are both side sleepers with disk and nerve issues in their necks and backs.


Pillows are a tricky product because everyone’s needs and body are different, so if you don’t think these pillows would be right for you, Amazon has dozens of others you may want to check out instead.

Priced at $39 for a set of two standard-size pillows, these BedStory Pillows are for back, stomach and side sleepers and are filled with plush fiber. Reviewers say they are super soft yet firm, fluffy and are like sleeping on a cloud.


Or, these downluxe Down Alternative Standard Size Pillows are priced at $30 for two, or $15 each. Filled with premium bamboo and polyester blend fiber, the cover is 100% cotton.

With more than 3,000 reviews so far, the pillows have a rating of 4.5 stars, with customers saying they are soft and fluffy, are great for the head and neck and are a great value.


Have you had any luck buying pillows online?

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