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The Best Pants Hanger

Last updated on March 13, 2024

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MORALVE Beechwood Wardrobe Pants Hanger

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Beechwood Wardrobe Pants Hanger

Save space in your closet with this easy-to-assemble pants hanger. It's made using a strong beachwood with a 30-pound weight capacity and features five tiers to hold everything from slacks to scarves to men's ties. Users will appreciate the hanger's 360-degree swivel for easy placement in your closet.

Overall Take

Multiple Finishes AvailableYou'll find this pants hanger comes in a choice of a white, natural or mahogany finish.

 Runner Up

FeeraHozer Metal Closet Pants Hangers, 3-Pack


Metal Closet Pants Hangers, 3-Pack

This pants hanger three-pack is able to hold as many as 15 pairs of slacks. Since the hangers are constructed using stainless steel, you can count on them remaining strong and durable. Users will appreciate that five-tier design, as it frees up a ton of space in one's closet.

Overall Take

Large CapacityEach of the arms on this pants hanger swing out a full 300 degrees for easy placement of your slacks.

 We Also Like

DOIOWN Non-Slip Space Saving Pants Hanger, 3-Pack


Non-Slip Space Saving Pants Hanger, 3-Pack

This pants hanger organizer is equipped with non-slip black plastic tubes to prevent clothing from slipping off each layer. The product comes with five hangers made from sturdy stainless steel.

Overall Take

Versatile DesignIn addition to pants, the hangers can also be used for leggings, ties, scarves, belts and more.

 Strong Contender

devesanter Anti-Creasing Pants Hangers, 4-Pack


Anti-Creasing Pants Hangers, 4-Pack

While the main purpose of these s-shaped pants hangers is to store your slacks neatly in a closet, they also work well for holding ties, scarves and towels. They save space by storing your items vertically verses horizontally. Each hanger is able to hold up to five pairs of pants.

Overall Take

Durable and LightweightConstructed from a stainless steel, this pants hanger set is durable, scratch resistant and rustproof.

Buying Guide

Traditional hangers work best for coats, shirts and blouses and aren’t really designed to hold pants. If you have a good number of slacks in your wardrobe, you may want to invest in a few pants hangers.

Simplemost Media

As you browse the available models, you’ll find some have metal clips, some have clamps and some have an open end that allows for sliding the pants onto the hanger. Each type works well for different pant materials, so you may even wish to purchase a few of each model. For example, the clips are ideal for hanging thick jeans, but they’ll leave marks on work slacks. An open-ended hanger is better for slacks, as it prevents wrinkles and creases from forming.

Simplemost Media

If you go with the pants hanger that utilizes clamps, you need to make sure it has anti-slip features built-in. Some models have non-slip rubber tips surrounding the ends of the clamps to keep slacks on the hanger. They also come with a tight clip-mechanism under the hook as a secondary measure to stop clothes from slipping out of the hanger.

Another option is to go with a pants hanger that is designed to save space in your closet. The devesanter Pants Hangers, 4-Pack is made in an s-shape and features five arms per hanger. Other models have the same feature, except that their arms unlatch and swings out, so you can easily access the pair of pants you want to wear that day.

Simplemost Media

Of course, pants may not be the only item you wish to organize in your closet. Some modes are able to store everything from ties to scarves to towels.

What to Look For

  • Check the weight capacity of the hanger. This is especially important if you plan on hanging a pair of pants that are on the heavy side.
  • If you prefer all of your hangers face the same direction, models with a 360-degree rotatable hook are best. That way you can quickly twist the hook into the direction of your choosing.
  • There are several factors that influence the price of pants hangers. Construction materials are one factor. For example, a set of plastic hangers will cost less than a set that is made from natural wood. How much space the hangers are able to save is another factor in the overall price. You’ll find the layered pants hangers are slightly more costly than traditional clip hangers because they free up more closet space.

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Gone are the days when people wore robes and loin cloths. Fashion has evolved greatly over the years. Today, men typically wear pants and shorts exclusively. While women used to wear skirts and dresses only, they now also wear pants. This switch, however, didn’t take place until after World War II. Now that all members in a household wear pants, there’s a greater need for specially designed hangers to organize and store them.

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