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The Best Panda Blanket

Last updated on March 28, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Panda Blankets

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Jurllyshe 100% Microfiber Panda Blanket

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100% Microfiber Panda Blanket

How soft is this 100% microfiber panda blanket? It has a light, velvety feel that feels incredible against sensitive skin, measures 50 inches by 60 inches, and features a paws-up pattern of happy, black, white and pink-cheeked cartoon pandas. This throw is just perfect for cribs, chairs, couches, toddler beds and travel.

Overall Take

Lots of Friendly FacesToss this cozy blanket in the backseat when your little ones are sitting there for long rides.

 Runner Up

Dawhud Direct Plush Fleece Panda Blanket

Dawhud Direct

Plush Fleece Panda Blanket

With its realistic depiction of a mother panda and her baby set in an exotic, colorful background, this 70-by-90-inch blanket looks fantastic, is thick and plush and large enough to cover a twin-sized bed. It's also available with other kinds of animals on it.

Overall Take

A Sweet SceneMake any room look better while enjoying the warmth and comfort from this vibrant blanket.

 We Also Like

Sleepwish Sherpa Lining Panda Blanket


Sherpa Lining Panda Blanket

Sleepwish's adorable black, white and pastel pandas are lined up horizontally on one side of their reversible 60-by-50-inch blanket; the other side is a solid color. The blanket is 100% polyester and filled with toasty polyester sherpa.

Overall Take

A Modern DesignYou'll absolutely love the awesome pattern and like how soft it feels even better!

 Strong Contender

BLUBLU Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Panda Blanket


Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Panda Blanket

BluBlu's panda blanket features curious pandas nosing about on a China-blue background. It is also super-soft and made from micro plush polyester that feels soft as can be. This great blanket is fade-, wrinkle- and shrink-resistant, so you'll have it in your house for years.

Overall Take

Pure CutenessThis blanket comes in three different sizes, and everyone in your house will want one.

Buying Guide

Did you ever wonder why people love pandas so much? Besides their adorable faces, roly-poly bodies and appealing black-and-white fur, pandas remind us of ourselves. They have expressive faces, sit up to eat and have pseudo thumbs that are actually modified wrist bones.

Their distinctive, black-patched eyes also make their eyes look bigger, which is endearing. In essence, pandas have similar characteristics to babies and humans are genetically programmed to be drawn to them.

The panda pattern can be found on many blankets to bring that cuteness into your house. Small children and many older kids are attracted to the more cartoonish ones with bold patterns and colors.

You’ll also see blankets that only have panda faces, while others have the entire body. Some look more realistic, and instead of geometric or other kinds of modern-looking backgrounds, they’ll be in panda-like settings, with bamboo trees and other creatures, like birds and butterflies.

You can use panda blankets as throw blankets, and larger ones can cover beds for sleeping. Look for ones made with fleece if you’re looking to get more warmth; otherwise, you can get away with thinner materials. You’ll find that most only have the pattern on one side, but some will have it on both, and these will cost a bit more. Some of these blankets also have textured edges around the sides, which may or may not be to your liking.

What to Look For

  • Have an idea of what size panda blanket you want when shopping. For example, a typical crib blanket measures 45 inches by 60 inches, and a queen bed blanket should be 90 inches by 90 to 100 inches.
  • People are drawn to pandas and desire panda blankets, but it’s unlikely that they will want to keep one of these forever (particularly if you are shopping for a kid). Don’t spend a small fortune on a panda blanket.
  • Your panda blanket might be machine washable, but then again, it might not. Read the manufacturer’s label before laundering – if you don’t follow them, the blanket could shrink or become otherwise damaged.
  • Panda blankets make great gifts, as long as the recipient likes these furry animals.

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Though giant pandas are classified as bears, the red panda is part of the raccoon family and looks quite different from other pandas.

Here’s what they have in common: both eat and hold the bamboo in the same way, have similar paws and teeth and similar snouts. Pandas are shaped more like bears, though, with more rotund bodies.

Red pandas are smaller, have reddish-orange colors with white faces, no patches around their eyes, and long, thick, fluffy striped tails. Like their cousins, red pandas are pretty darn cute!

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