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The Best Paint Scrapers For Wood

Last updated on January 20, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Paint Scrapers For Wood

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HELEMAN Ergonomic Paint Scrapers For Wood, 2-Pack

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Ergonomic Paint Scrapers For Wood, 2-Pack

Designed with safety in mind, these paint scrapers for wood are a must-have tool for all. The handle is a bit wider than other models, making it easier to hold. Since the blades are constructed from plastic, they are able to remove stickers and paint without leaving behind any unwanted scratches.

Overall Take

Choice of ColorsThese paint scrapers for wood come in traditional black, as well as a bright blue or yellow.

 Runner Up

NYKKOLA Stainless Steel Anti-Slip Paint Scraper For Wood


Stainless Steel Anti-Slip Paint Scraper For Wood

You get not one, not two, but 10 blades when you opt for this set of paint scrapers for wood. The handle features a solid steel tube for durability, as well as an anti-slip grip for better control. You'll find the blades are nice and sharp and made from a reliable carbon steel.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickThis set of paint scrapers for wood offers the lowest cost per blade.

 We Also Like

Red Devil 3160 Gripper Knob Paint Scraper For Wood

Red Devil

3160 Gripper Knob Paint Scraper For Wood

This versatile paint scraper for wood is good for decks, floors and doors. It can scrape any surface without gouging it. The scraper has an easy-grip knob for better control.

Overall Take

Great For Many JobsThis paint scraper for wood can be used on floors, decks and doors.

 Strong Contender

Red Devil 3050 Dual Edge Paint Scraper For Wood

Red Devil

3050 Dual Edge Paint Scraper For Wood

This multi-purpose paint scrapers for wood can help remove paint or varnish. It has a sturdy handle made from plastic. The blade is double-edged and can be sharpened.

Overall Take

Simple, EffectiveUse this no-frills scraper for paint or varnish.

Buying Guide

When it comes to any paint job, especially those on wooden surfaces, preparation is the most important step. From painting the deck to the fence to the side of the house, it’s vital to scrape off the old paint before you slather on the new one. If you don’t scape off the old paint, the new paint job will just flake off after a few months. This not only wastes time, energy and money — but leads to frustration.

Scraping paint off wood is no easy task, which is likely why many people want to skip this step completely. However, if you have the right paint scraper for the job, you can finish the task with less effort.

There are many different paint scrapers for wood available, including a basic option that just has a flat blade attached to a handle. The blades can be shaped like rectangles, ovals or triangles. If you are working on a large surface area and plan to scrape off big sections of paint at a time, opt for a double-edge paint scraper. This is ideal for beginners as it makes the task go faster. If you are working on a particularly difficult patch of paint that won’t come off, you may want to get a paint scraper with a hook attached. This can give you the additional leverage you need to get it done. When working on a delicate surface, it’s best to use a paint scraper that has a plastic blade.

In addition to the blade, the next most important part of the paint scraper is the handle. If the handle isn’t ergonomically built or at least comfortable, your hands will be aching after the first few scrapes. Handles made from wood are a good choice because they are sturdier than plastic handles. Plus, they are often easier and more comfortable to hold than handles made from metal.

What to Look For

  • When it comes to blades, stainless steel is a good choice because it is long lasting and will not corrode over time. Carbon steel is also an excellent option because of how durable it is. Plastic blades can come in handy as well, especially for very delicate surfaces.
  • What size of blade do you need for your paint scraper? It depends on the surface you need to work on. Ideally, a bigger blade is better to use on a bigger surface and a smaller blade for a smaller surface. Narrow blades will make it easier to get into hard-to-reach nooks.
  • Some mistake paint scrapers for putty knives, but these are not the same thing. The scraper is too rigid to apply putty compound. The blade on a putty knife is much thinner than the blade on a paint scraper and would not be strong enough to scrape away paint with ease.
  • Ensure the handle on the paint scraper isn’t too large for your hands. A handle with a large diameter will mean you have less control over the paint scraper as you will not be able to get a solid grip on it. It will also hurt your hands in the long run. Plus, you’ll have to continuously adjust your hands while scraping.

More to Explore

Want to make removing paint even easier? One way is to use a paint stripper, which is a solvent that is designed to soften old paint and make it easier to remove.

You can use it on the entire surface or just in hard-to-reach places like corners and edges. Follow the instructions on the stripper and apply it to the wood, then use your paint scraper to begin removing the paint which the stripper has softened. It should come off much easier this way. You can also reapply the paint stripper in areas which are particularly stubborn. Be sure to scrub off the wood once you’ve removed the paint to make sure no traces of paint stripper are left on it.

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